Folly Island, Folly Beach and Bowens Island – South Carolina

It has taken a bit of work but I am happy to say I am catching the blog up at a rate of knots.  Or, as they say here in the South – ‘I have been as busy as a one-legged cat in a sandbox’ .  And trust me, said with a Southern accent, it is a wonderful expression to use.

Okay, onward and upward and on to Folly……

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Folly River is Folly Island.   This lovely 12 square mile barrier island is also known as the ‘Edge of America’.  It is a laid-back and very friendly beach community which normally has a population of around 2,260 however that number swells considerably during the steamy southern summer months.  This wonderful island has civil war, pirate and shipwreck history and it also has a 6 mile strip of sand on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island called Folly Beach.



The 1,000 foot fishing pier on Folly Beach….




There are some great bars and even better places to eat at on Folly Island and one we tried was the Folly Beach Shrimp Company.  Fresh local caught shrimp done ‘101’ ways was low-country fare at its best.  Teamed with local beer, sitting out in the patio area (beer-garden to Aussies) and listening to music made for an enjoyable lunch.

Bowens Island isn’t actually an island but just simply the end of a peninsular in low country ringed by marshes, creeks and wetlands.  It is a beautiful but often overlooked area with abundant bird life, spertina grass species and these wonderful areas support the marine estuarine ecosystems…..and what could be better than that.




The Bowens Island Restaurant is an icon of South Carolina.  This cinderblock outpost serves up the best of local seafood in a dive atmosphere of graffiti covered walls, rickety old communal tables and chairs resemblant of Amish birthing stools!  Passionately popular with locals and a favorite spot for oyster lovers.



These oyster shell mounds, of which there are several, are as high and as wide as a bus…..


Did I mention rustic chic…..


And what better way to end the days in this little part of the world than seeing some of the most breathtaking of painted skies around.  And I have never seen a sunset I didn’t like…… xx

12 thoughts on “Folly Island, Folly Beach and Bowens Island – South Carolina

  1. Jasper

    OH MAN!!! Seriously LMAO!!! Your description of the restaurant was hilarious. You should write restaurant reviews cause I would go to any place you recommended.

  2. Jack the Lad

    My irrepressible little ocean girl, you never cease to amaze and stupefy me all at the same time! Probably one of things I love most about you (insert heart)

  3. oceangirl63

    Thank you for your lovely comment Lindy.

    I just use a little compact FUJI (fine pix F770) digital camera with a 20 optical zoom. It was quite cheap as far as cameras go and I paid around $140 (US) for it. I love it, it is a great travel camera. I also use the camera inbuilt to my mobile – a Samsung Galaxy S4. Again, takes great photos when needed x

  4. Mum

    Hi Bid, Concurring with all the things that Jack wrote. You manage to find the most fascinating places and your words show tht you have great fun trying out whatever is on offer. Your photos are amazing (and would look spectacular on canvas or framed!)….. and as Jasper wrote, you could do restaurant reviews – anyone who reads yours would fall over their feet to get to the ones you’ve chanced upon. Keep on entertaining us and thanks for sharing :). Hugs, Mum xoxoxo

  5. Nicole

    Thank you for writing you blog, I have been following it and I enjoy it so much. Loved the description of Bowens Restaurant. Is there such a thing as an Amish birthing stool??

  6. oceangirl63

    Thank you for your lovely comment Nicole.

    Yes, believe it or not there is such a thing as an Amish birthing stool. It is a handcrafted wooden piece which actually dates from the medieval times – normally boomerang or horseshoe shaped (and usually without backs or arms)…..interesting to say the least xx

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