About The Blogger

About The Author: 

I have an immense love and respect for the ocean.

I find life divine and sometimes difficult, yet I still believe all things are possible just as I believe courage is beauty itself.

I have an inconsolable yearn to travel which allows me to always discover by chance the loveliness this world holds.  And, although I haven’t been everywhere in the world just yet, I certainly intend to go.

I like simplicity, kindness and good people.  Good people who are good for your soul.  Those are the ones who deserve a seat at your table.

All that I see and do inspires me to want more for I am passionate, odd and inquisitive.

My intent throughout life is to render down all that I can by the measure of how kindly I live.  I will never compromise my beliefs or my values in order to fit in with others and I steadfastly refuse to be a follower.  Most of all, I will always speak up when they tell me to be silent.  

I have some favourite things which could also be referred to as unhealthy obsessions:  Elvis impersonators, glam rock, yodeling (not me – Mary Schneider), John Wayne, second-hand book shops, pre-loved vintage, disco, and the 70’s and early 80’s Golden Era of Wrestling.  Whilst John Wayne and Elvis impersonators jostle at the top of my list, the remainder are not necessarily in order and nor should be taken all at the same time.

My true heartfelt beliefs :

  • Be kind
  • Be empathetic
  • Be generous
  • Be compassionate
  • Always have an open mind and heart
  • Use your voice for those who do not have one!
  • Educate yourself daily
  • Look for wonder in the world even in the most difficult of times
  • Never dull another’s star in order to make yourself shine in the eyes of others.
  • Be your unique self, and


There is always that one…..thank goodness!!!!  Cowrie Hole, Newcastle New South Wales

More About The Author: 

  • Award winning blogger
  • Published Author
  • Winner of numerous short story competitions and writing competition where the work has been described by the judging panels as “raw, dark, yet hilariously funny”  & “Deftly grabbed the competition by its you know what’s.  Deserving winner”
  • Ghost writer
  • Creator of odd characters
  • Upon request, this blog has been linked to travel sites and the Australian Embassy in Washington DC. 

14 thoughts on “About The Blogger

      1. Hello Nola, welcome and so glad you found the blog. Hope all is going well for you in lovely Gawler. Still missing you all at the fab Gawler and Evanston Gardens libraries/FOGL/and of course miss the wonderful book sales. Take care x

  1. Mallory

    Love ‘about the writer’. Reading this and your blog inspires me to be a better person (thank you for that). We live in a such a selfish world but you show the important little things we all forget about. I think I need to look more at the world like a 4 year old. Maybe my life would be happier and that and starting to render down all I can and love more and live more are leaves I will take from your book. Keep being your own kind of beautiful ocean girl 63

  2. Lola Pitt

    Love the way you write with such humor and with big hits of pain and I love that your photos are like a postcard of where I want to go!! Sometimes I can’t wait to read more and I would follow you anywhere oceangirl63. This is one blog I will definitely follow!! Thank you for sharing, Lola xx

  3. I’m sorry I missed your comment earlier Lola. I was just updating my blog ‘pages’ when I saw it so thank you for your lovely and very kind comment.

    I write from the heart most of the time and the photos are just how I see the world. I am glad you are enjoying the blog x

  4. A very nice blog, so well written, not like my rough diamond writing, not that I’m a rough diamond by any means, in fact quite the opposite, but my writing skills could do with a bit more polish, but F it, what you see is what you get. Now, I will swap you Elvis impersonators for warm cinnamon doughnuts any time. To partly quote Shakespeare, to thyself be true. Take care.

  5. Hi again, I have just finished reading all of your blog and I must say it is very skilfully written. I enjoyed your travelogue and found your piece on personal experience interesting. I must say that your description of Kuala Lumpur was lovely however, like a lot of places around this old world all is not what it seems. All that kiss, kiss and save the whale, isn’t life just dandy stuff they project really isn’t how it is. Underneath all of that lurks state sponsored discrimination against the Chinese, Indian and even white man, there lurks corruption from the lowest streetsweeper to the highest position in the country. For those at the lower end of socio economic scale, a lot of the corruption is brought about by poverty and at the top, corruption is brought about by greed. It’s such a shame, the average Malaysian citizen is a very kind and charming individual who has to constantly swim against the tide I apologise that I may have rained on your lovely Parade, but I have a preponderance for calling it how it is.

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. I enjoyed reading them and they are very much appreciated and no, you have not acid rained on my parade at all.

      I appreciate and very much respect that we all have different views and outlooks (well most of us with the exception of the ‘sheep’ and ‘fence sitters’ of the world) and with that comes the entitlement to have opinions and the right to express those opinions. I do love a good robust conversation so I will always welcome a comment, support free speech and avoid censorship at all cost on my blog…… as in life.

      All of the very valid issues you have raised are sadly man-made and injustice is rife throughout the world. What I find most sad is that here in 2016 there are still so many lives which seem to matter far less than others and I cannot see that changing. I have always been a bit of a ‘hope for the best prepare for the worst’ kind of gal, but I fear compassion and the depth of humanity has been lost for many.

      And I don’t think your writing is ‘rough’ at all Chris, quite the contrary! It is enjoyable and well thought out and when you get what you see you are getting a real person and not a false substitute where you never know where you stand. That is the best you can ask of anyone 🙂 When I next enjoy a hot cinnamon donut…..okay, that will actually be tomorrow, I will salute you……take care and thanks again for your great outlook and comments. Stay true x

  6. Oceangirl 63, well that was a lovely reply for which I thank you. I rethought what I have written and I realise that of course your writing was about what you have seen and experienced in those beautiful places. I wholeheartedly agree that Malaysia and elsewhere are beautiful places. Malaysian food, I think, is with Thai food some of the best in the world, of course like everything thing I write about there are exceptions. I couldn’t eat offal, some of the stuff is just yuk, but to my delicate little taste buds 🙂 there certainly are some great eats, Char Kway Teow or however it’s spelt, even the Malaysians spell it differently at different places, beef rendang served with rice on a banana leaf, yummo, roti channai, etc.etc. Blimey, I have made myself hungry I need to put some calories in the machine to make myself even fatter than I am. Just one last thing about censorship, when I start my blog which I think I will call Pottsy’s Treadmill Philosophy, that’s because I do a lot of my thinking on my treadmill and also I, like everyone else is on this treadmill of Life. I will not tolerate racism or anti Islamic comment or sexual innuendo or sexist hate or double meaning comment. But my blog will be a bit argy bargy at times and at others I will be talking about technology. I might see if I can include your Web address in my Facebook writings and also on Facebook Ex-RAAFie where are they now. When I get off my lazy backside and write my blog I will incorporate a link to your site. I hope you won’t mind. I can see that you are married to either a current or ex RAAFIE so that should get your website on Facebook. Lovely to read your site. Take care.

  7. Hello again Chris. Great to hear from you. I cannot wait to read your blog and I love the title….it’s very clever 🙂 I think you shall also have to encompass a little food chat on your blog too as your reflections on food had me seeking out my local Thai place for a little Char Kwae Teow! And I laughed at your aversion to offal. In a recent post I wrote about not eating dog or shark fin forgetting I also drew the line with tripe! A horror encounter straight from the chapters of childhood.

    I too draw the line with offensive, hateful or malicious blogs or posts and on the whole I have only had one very unkind comment which I allowed to be posted as I believed I was not the one to censor someones unkindness. I did hope my positive reply perhaps cancelled out some of her negativity too. Again, it was my belief in the freedom of speech that gave way to posting her comment but had her rant been racial, hateful etc I would not have allowed it.

    Thank you too for passing on my blog. That was such a gracious and kind act and it is much appreciated. I do enjoy writing my blog and am happy for you to link us up once you are up and running also.

    So, I eagerly await your first blog post Chris…….no pressure 😊. Again, I cannot wait to read it so enjoy the process and I wish you all the very best ……take care x

  8. Thank you Oceangirl63.com, for your comments, I too believe in free speech but as I am a little busy sometimes to write a rebuttal, plus I also feel that once the bullet of hate or discrimination has been fired you cannot get it back. That does not mean I wouldn’t tackle them by email, but why give them air to breathe. I do hope we can link blogs you OIC cooking and travel blog, me OIC political and other things plus chief tester for your travel blog. Have a lovely day, no doubt i will contact you once my blog is working. Take care. Cheers the Writer of Pottsy’s Facebook Philosophy, soon to reinvent itself as Pottsy’s Treadmill Philosophy. 🙂

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