About The Blog


I originally began this blog in November of 2013 as a way of staying in touch with friends and family while living in America.

The blog became a journal of sorts and it touched on the adventures of living and travelling in America as a couple then while ‘surviving’ alone there for several months, the people, the food, the life, the unfamiliar and the quirky. Every single chance to travel, to explore and to experience that amazingly diverse land was taken and there is so much gratitude for that crazy-mad and wonderful opportunity.


After returning to Australia, I had thoughts to closing my blog. After much brooding, I decided to continue writing the blog as it has become a place where I create and share, where I hold my memories and it is also where I document my thoughts.

Very few moments of pleasure are ever found standing still and my blog will continue to encompass travel including that of my beautiful homeland.

For me, there will always be oceans to swim, streets to walk and stories to share because life really is wonderful and it is enormous and it is also wonderfully and enormously beautiful xx

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