Charleston – South Carolina

Whimsical and beautiful Charleston.  Impactful history, stunning architecture, beautiful mansions, City markets, the French Quarter and its Battery promenade, historic churches, its restaurants and its uber cool bars are just some of the things which attract tourists to this 1670 settled city. It is one of the most perfect places to explore on foot and there is nothing better than strolling its alluring and historic streets with the sound of the carriage horse hooves on cobblestone.  Hearing that melodic sound makes for a pretty perfect day in the South.

The historic district has over 2,000 preserved and restored buildings with more than 70 of those from the pre-Revolutionary war era.




Now interestingly, the pineapple is an historic symbol of Southern hospitality and you will see it almost everywhere in Charleston.  You will discover pineapples as door knockers, jewelry, as a spectacular fountain, as finials on roof tops, as outdoor ornaments, trinkets, adornments and as wallpaper.  I thought the poodle wallpaper at Graceland was wonderful until I saw the vintage baroque pineapple version.


The stunning ‘Pineapple Fountain’ located at the Waterfront Park on Vendue Range Charleston…..


I really am a girly girl as I do love pink.  Especially on a building….

And how is this for a slightly ‘odd’ law in Charleston – when approaching an intersection in an automated vehicle the driver must stop 100 feet from the intersection and fire a gun or rifle to warn horse traffic!


The timeless charm of a Charleston horse drawn carriage….

There are a lot of very cool bars including sophisticated roof-top bars in Charleston serving up a selection of great local craft beers and cocktails.  We dropped in to a few places, one being Big Johns which is one of the oldest bars still standing in Charleston.  It has everything you need for an evening of shenanigans – cheap local beer, atmosphere, pool tables, the odd Citadel cadet and bra’s (??) hanging randomly from the ceiling.

On Cumberland Street you will find Craftsman Kitchen and Tap house.  Two very handsome bars filled with an array of craft beers.


Another great place that I will very happily recommend is Holy City Brewing located 4155 Dorchester Road North Charleston.  This great craft beer company brews what has now  become my favorite beer ever!  Bowens Island Oyster Stout – and, as the name suggests, it is actually brewed with oysters!  Amazing stuff!!


Holy City Brews and their chocolate dipped bacon which is to die for (literally), but don’t let your cardiologist know……

In South Carolina you will also find some of the oldest historic Plantations of the pre-Civil War era.   One I visited was Boone Hall, founded in 1681, and it is still operating today.  Boone Hall is set on 783 acres with original historic buildings including slave quarters which are still in tact.  This is a fascinating place, where crops have been continually gown for well over 300 years, to spend a day.


The beautiful entrance leading up to Boone Hall is 3/4 of a mile long and is constructed of two rows of evenly spaced live Oaks.  It has taken almost two centuries for the moss draped branch’s to meet overhead to form this amazing natural corridor….


It is so easy to fall in love with Charleston.  It is colorful, vibrant and charming and there is beauty almost everywhere you look.  And I don’t care if it takes me a life time but I am going everywhere…… xx


8 thoughts on “Charleston – South Carolina

  1. oceangirl63

    Thank you for your great comment Sam and Debbie. I know it sounds as though the pair should not go together but surprisingly, bacon and dark chocolate works an absolute treat. It is a sweet yet salty delight that I would really recommend you give a go if you ever come across it…..and I hope you do xx

  2. Sam and Debbi

    You wont believe it but we googled bacon and chocolate and its a whole other world out there. They even make bacon and chocolate cookies and really classy boxed bacon and chocolate chocolates, bars and pancake mixes. Holy cats we ordered some 🙂

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