Beaufort Air Show

This was an incredible day out.  A spectacular Air Show held at the Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort and trust me on this, no one does an air show quite like the yanks.

With over 100,000 people to entertain they pulled out all the stops.  Vintage war planes, flybys, aerobatic displays by some of the best pilots around, the roar and smell of jet engines, smoke, The Blue Angels – the Navy’s flight demonstration team consisting of 6 F/A-18 hornets, parachutes, joy flights, demonstrations, air aces, aerial formations, thundering high speed low pass overs, rolls, classic cars, guns, war machines, food and beer – yes!! you can purchase beer at these amazing displays of might and power.  As you can imagine, all this made for a very impressive day out.  Entry was also free however for this experience, I would have very happily paid ten fold.



Only in the US can you drink beer in front of a war machine…..God Bless America



My survival tips for a day at an American Air Show:

  • Camera
  • Wear sunscreen, have a hat, wear comfortable shoes and clothing because you will be doing a lot of walking, climbing stairs and also standing with your neck craned skyward
  • Keep well hydrated and eat often
  • Be patient (the lines can be long)
  • Work out where your toilets (restrooms) are….you will thank me for this tip
  • Have an open mind – you really are at one of the greatest shows on earth
  • And the most important tip…..have fun because you will never see anything like this again in your lifetime 🙂





And the best part for me was that you could not wipe the smile of this face for the entire day (and long after).  And when you think about it, there really is so much in life to smile about….  xx

Footnote:  It’s that time of the year in America therefore ‘snow’ is falling on my blog x




2 thoughts on “Beaufort Air Show

  1. mum

    Someone is looking far too happy holding that gun thingy! 😉 . Looks like a spectacular day …. and I know you will be thanked profusely for your survival tips (especially checking the Loo locations :). ). Oh …. and love your hat 🙂

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