St Augustine Florida

St Augustine, also known as the ‘ancient City’, is the nations oldest continually occupied settlement.  Located in north-east Florida this city, with its stunning Spanish influenced architecture, brick-lined laneways and streets and its abundant history is the perfect place to explore on foot.


History and architecture not your thing!  Then do not fear because this town is host to some pretty impressive brew-masters, distillers and vintners who are equally matched by the fab restaurants which highlight the multitude of cultural influences from the area.  And I do love that St Augustine is the patron Saint of brewers!

And just a small tip – the caffeine faithful will not be disappointed here either.  There are some great indie coffee houses brewing some of the best ground beans around.  You see, something for everyone.

This romantic and very pretty town is a popular tourist destination and we were very fortunate to have been able to spend two nights-three days there.  There is an abundance of accommodation in St Augustine and while there, we stayed at the stunning 1888 built Moroccan inspired Casa Marco Hotel.  Located in the historic district and with its fountains, ornate and elegant  décor this hotel really was a stand out.   Not to put too fine a point on it but I have stayed in an awful lot of places and I would have to say this is one of my favorites…..big call I know!




St Augustine, founded in 1565, with its Spanish colonial-era buildings and its beautiful historic churches, its forts and the fact the city was also a key location for the civil rights movement will hold your interest long after you have departed.





St Augustine, as well as being the oldest town, also has one of the narrowest streets in all of the US.  At just 7 feet wide, Treasury Street, which connected the Royal Spanish Treasury to the ship docking area, was deliberately made narrow so that any would-be-thieves would find it near impossible to steal the chests of gold held there.  Chests of gold!  There is that romanticism and charm yet again of this amazing city…… although I did not see a pirate or any pieces of eight!

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Another feather in the cap of the town is that the oldest masonry fort in America is still there.  Castillo De Sans Marco or Fort Marion as it is also known, was built in 1672.  Very interestingly but sadly too, the fort was also used as a prison for captured American Indians.  The mighty Indian nations such as the Comanche, Cheyenne, Apache and including Geronimo’s wives and children were held as prisoners of war here and the fort is also rumored to be one of the most haunted places in St Augustine.





For all that we did and experienced on this journey one of my favorite memories was to watch a homeless man wash his socks, then his feet, then some small articles of clothing in the beautiful fountain outside of the very grand Ponce de Leon Hotel.  After that, he seemed content to just sit for a while and enjoy.  Sometimes it is the simplest of pleasure that bring the most joy to ones soul……xx

8 thoughts on “St Augustine Florida

  1. Helena

    I love the photos you take especially the last one and what you wrote about the homeless man was really sweet. I don’t leave my house much but I feel like I’m travelling on your adventures with you.

  2. oceangirl63

    Thank you for you lovely comments Helena, they are much appreciated and I am so glad to read that you are travelling along with us.

    Seeing the homeless (the true homeless) really puts life in perspective and makes me so much more grateful for what I have and what I am able to experience. I will tell you too that while I took the photos, FB went and bought sandwiches and coffee for him. I truly believe that it is always good to leave a little kindness and compassion wherever you have been xx

  3. Jeremy

    This is for you ocean girl.

    “I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay….small acts of kindness and love” by Gandalf the Hobbit.

  4. Hannah & Eric

    Surprise and hello our ‘loveygirl’. We are still with you reading your blog on each publishing. We are enjoying it so much. It has been wonderful to see all that you have done.

    We are both well, the heat this year in SA is horrendous (as it is across Australia) and the garden is suffering at present but nothing we can do about it. A terrible bush fire season alert has also been issued so we have been busy preparing for that. No doubt you will be in your winter woolies my dear.

    You are still missed and spoken of often but our loss was no doubt someone elses gain. Eric said to say Thursday’s just haven’t been the same which, as you can imagine, makes anyone left to fill your shoes feel inadequate poor things.

    Take great care on your travels. Is your email address still the same? We sent one and it failed to deliver.

    With love from Hannah & Eric

  5. oceangirl63

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful surprise and how lovely to hear from you both. You have no idea how much receiving this has meant. Talk about timing as your message could not have come at a better time. Just as Eric has always said…’the universe knows such things’. See, I never forget his wise words 🙂 So glad you are both well and not so glad that you and your beautiful garden and our lovely country is suffering a blistering summer. I miss you guys and yes, my email is still the same so please shoot another off and fingers crossed it will reach me. Anyway, so great to hear from you both again. I will close with love until we catch up soon xx

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