It was creepy and it was kookie, mysterious and spooky….

It is currently the season of Halloween here in the states.  It also seems to be one of the most popular and celebrated holidays and quite frankly…….. it is brilliant!!  I do believe I have very happily discovered I love Halloween.  No doubt this is because it is the perfect opportunity for two seemingly 12 year olds (who somehow happen to be trapped in the bodies of 50 plus year olds), to dress up in costumes (yes…plural as in more than one costume) and eat our weight in lollies (candy for those in the US).

Americans obviously love Halloween too. Halloween stores have sprung up all over the country and the Goodwill stores (op shops) have their own ‘Boo-tiques’ which sell used Halloween costumes and decorations.  Entire houses are decorated inside and out, shops are decorated, restaurants are decorated, front yards are decorated, people are decorated and there are ‘haunted’ barns and trails and houses set up all over America.  And mind you, some of these are not for the faint of heart….nor the squeamish!

Traditionally Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st of October however we have been in Halloween mode since the beginning of the month.  Case in point!  A couple of nights ago some wonderful friends and I went to the ‘Nevermore Hills Haunted Trail’.  The trail was set up in the woods next to the Warner Robins Air Force Base.  It is run by volunteers from the Warner Robins community who’s job it is, is to literally scare the living bejesus out you as you wander through barely lit woods, through haunted barns and through old derelict and very spooky houses.  Clowns are very scary on their own but put them in a ‘haunted trail situation’ and they are guaranteed to be the scariest thing you will ever see.  This is an evening stroll in woods you will never forget!!  And of course we got completely into the theme of the evening by dressing up.  Frankly I was very excited….who wouldn’t be.  Was that a bad thing!


Wednesday Addams…complete with headless doll and grim disposition 🙂

More Halloween to come but in the mean time……..I’m off to carve another Jack-O-Lantern xx

4 thoughts on “It was creepy and it was kookie, mysterious and spooky….

  1. mum xoxo

    🙂 Just brilliant …. Totally the daughter of Gomez! :). If there is ever a re-make of the Family Addams, you are definitely a shoe-in! Happy Halloween y’all 🙂

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