Won’t you take me down to Spookytown……

They say Trick or Treat and Halloween is so passé.  I however, am here to set the record straight as those who profess this terrible untruth are completely and utterly incorrect!!  Halloween has been a wonderful experience here in the states.  Happy-go-lucky costumed children (and adults – not mentioning any two people in particular) running willy nilly through the streets largely unsupervised.  Well that’s just priceless!


I know, the likeness is uncanny!!


No child was harmed during the taking of this photo……scarred for life perhaps, but completely unharmed


And that is Halloween done and dusted for this year.  We had an amazing time and more fun than our little black Halloween hearts could hold…………roll on 2015 xx


3 thoughts on “Won’t you take me down to Spookytown……

  1. Angie

    OMG! Your makeup is so amazing. Good to see you guys just went all out for your first Halloween. You gotta love the Aussies 🙂 🙂

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