The Georgia National State Fair

The Georgia National State Fair is an eleven day showcase running from the 2-12 October promoting this states heritage, its people and its agricultural significance.  And my best tip when attending………avoid wearing good shoes.

State fairs are a classic American tradition.  They are wholesome, family friendly celebrations with concerts, animals, agriculture, arts and craft, entertainment, carnival rides and exhibits.  The people watching alone is fascinating and the fair is also where you will find battered and deep fried ‘pretty-much-everything’ and usually served on a stick!

State fairs are meant to be fun so do leave your weapons, opiates and snippy attitudes at home but do bring an open and adventurous spirit.  I guarantee you will enjoy the experience tenfold.

This was our first state fair and it was great and to follow are some random photographs taken on the day………………..


‘Deep Fried Twinkie’

‘Deep fried Oreos’…do try them and you will thank me 

The quintessential ‘Corn Dog’.  We worked our way through three of them, two being foot longs

‘Cotton Candy’….fairy floss to Australians

We took one for the team and tried the ‘Deep Fried Cheesecake’

‘Funnel Cake’….its not pretty but it tastes good – cake batter poured through a funnel into hot fat then deep fried until crisp.  I am told it has more than 760 calories and over 55 grams of fat. Was it worth it…..of course !!

104 100  101

    097    153

106   178     112


Definitely a one-stop-shop for everything!!! and that is correct, you can have your laundry done while you are at the fair

144      164

176    167


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