Are we there yet……

So this is what 50 years of life history packed into two shipping containers looks like.  Virtually our entire household contents will be going into storage for the next three years.


Packed and ready to go.  I shall be making a valiant effort to live out of this port over the next two months.   Very important ‘note to self’:  Google op-shops in Georgia.


Now, I’m taking a bit of an educated guess here in stating that this move has no doubt been one of the most stressful, sleep depriving, demanding and literally working ones bum off – although sadly mine has not changed shape or size – experiences. There have been some hurdles, there have been some tantrums (and that was just both of our cats) and there have been some pretty chaotic times but it will have been well worth the effort.  Who really knows what the next three years or even the time after that will bring but I am very sure of one thing:  it is going to be an adventure like no other.

We bid farewell to Australia in a couple of hours so my next post will be from America.

Could somebody pinch me! Seriously!

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