First Blog Post: AKA…..what on earth was I thinking starting a blog!

A blog!  What was I thinking!  Of course it seemed like a good idea at the time (as most things do) but to be honest, writing the first few words of anything – be it a letter or even a short message can be a bit of a struggle for me.  You see, I’m a perfectionist by nature.  I have no idea where that peculiar little trait of mine comes from however I will literally do something one thousand times before I am completely happy with the end result.  Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration on my part as I don’t believe I am ever completely satisfied with the end result. And yes, I’m sure I have been told a million times not to exaggerate either.

Not surprisingly, all the little uncertainties started to crop up with the blog.  How will I begin/how will I write/what will I write about/will it be good enough!  Anyway,  I guess I needed to view the blog from an entirely different perspective.   Instead of worrying about writing it, I just had to see what a great opportunity this actually was.  This was a chance to stay connected with people whom I love and care for back home in Australia.  Keeping in touch was of most significance and nothing else really mattered.

Given that, I have decided to just write the blog so here goes:

In an attempt to keep the blog as simplistic and uncomplicated as I am (that’s not really true….. the uncomplicated bit about me), it is basic in functionality and appearance and you are most welcome to navigate about its’ straightforward pages (I thought straightforward was a better word to use rather than unexciting).  My plan is also to update the blog each week.  Ambitious?  Perhaps!  But we’ll see how it goes.

Now one would think my first blog post would be the ideal opportunity to say goodbye.  Well truth be told, I don’t like to say goodbye as such.  I don’t know why, but I’m just not into the whole big ‘adios’ component of leaving as most people.  Me, I tend to go more with a ‘well it’s been fun, see ya’.   It’s a nice clean break.  For everyone!  Therein, there is no farewell element to this first post however I will attempt to make a brief apology to those who will be back home in Australia.  These are the people I tend to worry beyond distraction with my somewhat adventurous spirit. This sense of adventure has no doubt placed me in some, well let’s just say ‘precarious’ for the want of a better word, situations over the years.   It goes a bit like this:  I carefully judge a situation, decide whether or not it is completely safe and comes without mortal peril, and then I usually just do it anyway.  Other people carefully assess the situation, decide there is an element of risk attached and just don’t do it.  But where is the sense of wonderment and adventure in that!  And I have to say I am always enriched by the journey in most things that I do (although sometimes I may come out the other side a little battered and bruised).

And while I’m on a bit of blogroll (you can see uncertainty has left me momentarily), I will also say that as a general rule I don’t really enjoy (as a tourist) to visit the same place twice.  I just believe the world is far too vast, far too fascinating and life is far too short to keep returning to the same place over and over and over again.  Although I am known for my tendency to be a creature of habit (that fact is true), I’m not the sort of traveller who continues to..….I don’t know, say holiday in Kuta every year.  It’s just not me.   Now having said that though, I will admit there are some places (and I’m sure I will find many more of them in America) that tend to fill me with a longing to one day return.

Time has flown and we will soon leave Australia, bound for our three year stint in America.  Given that, I post this first blog for you.

P.S……… goodbye  xxx

2 thoughts on “First Blog Post: AKA…..what on earth was I thinking starting a blog!

  1. Ned

    Hey there Spike and Kym, finally got off my bum and started reading your blogs. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures over there.

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