Just some photographs……


Lombard Street is perhaps the crookedest little street in the world.  Eight hairpin switchbacks and the downward pitch all lined with little gardens and beautiful houses.  Its pretty amazing and I have wanted to visit here since I was a child from watching ‘The Streets of San Francisco’ with my Nan – her puffing away on a packet of fags as my sister and I sat with her, the three of us eating cucumber and vinegar sandwiches late into the night.


The top of Lombard Street


The famous Irish Coffee at the famous ‘Buena Vista’ being enjoyed by a Scotsman




Ice skating in the park


A beautiful ‘Holiday’ window


Flat foldable pizza!!!!


Riding the Cable Cars at night – great fun 🙂

Just a couple of photos.  A more informative blog:  as the monkey who caught his tail in the fan said….’not long now’.

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