Well hello again…….

Where are your stories oceangirl, why aren’t you blogging, are you okay, Hey!, are you still around and other odd messages…..

I cannot believe my last post was June 2021! My absence it seems, has been conspicuous. I love writing my blog so I really don’t know why I haven’t blogged for such a long time. I did try on numerous occasions. It just didn’t come. It is as simple as that. Thank you for sending your messages. I am so appreciative of your care and concern x.

Now. To the task of catching up……..

The apex of privilege is that over the past few months I have ever so slowly learnt to give myself permission to just be. To lay in bed a little longer, to leave cat hair on the couch because it is after all my dear companions home too and to watch the night sky for what seems like hours because there is no reason for me to be inside watching TV except when Gardening Australia is on πŸ™‚

I am no longer striving for unattainable perfection and I have set boundaries. No expectations, just gratitude.

Much has happened since my last post. There have been some life changes, good and difficult. Good people – such good people, happiness, sadness, inspired travel and more. My life is taking a gentler pace and I have let go of things that no longer serve me well.

My dear little gardening companion Zoe has passed. She made it to the wonderful age of 20 cat years which is the equivalent of 96 human years. Writing of her makes my heart turn to dust but then I remind myself that the grief felt for Zoe Clementine is born of love. Grief can be so varied and often it is not what we expect especially when it wraps around your heart like a fist. What an honour it was to have you as our lovely little companion for just over 14 years.

Zoe’s passing was gut wrenching but peaceful. Her little body was beginning to shut down and as much as it was heartbreaking, letting her go was the kindest thing. She went to sleep in my arms for the last time and for that privilege alone, we are grateful beyond words.

What a wonderful, tenacious, sweet, clever little cat she was. A great traveller and true adventurer along with being a voracious consumer of prawns and a lover of mature cheese. A delicate little cat with the biggest fighting spirit who adored being out in the enclosed vegie patch sunbathing regardless the temperature. Zoe was a little pocket rocket who had pretty much used up most of her 9 lives, she loved a chin rub and a gentle brushing and she loved nothing more than snuggling up. She could, when the mood took her, behave like a feline possessed, she could hold a grudge and she hated having her nail clipped. If cats had accents, Zoe’s would have certainly been French given her delicate features and jewel green eyes. She knew she was so loved and she will be missed for a very very long time……

The house is still a work in progress. More cracks appear in these old walls and the remaining ceiling of plaster and horse hair are sagging but I have a sturdy roof over my head. The garden is peaceful, lovely and continuing its transformation and the yields it offers up are fresh, nourishing and beautiful. The garden puts food on the table and fills vintage and hand-thrown pottery vases with beauty and that makes me happy.

Tom Tom and Boo (Thomas and George), those two wonderful furry beings are the best boys ever and love bugs personified, I became a vegan since my last blog post – I could never go vegan said every vegan before becoming vegan πŸ™‚ and there has been some wonderful travel. All in all, everything is pretty okay in my little part of the world.

I don’t have it all figured out, I don’t think any of us are meant to but I noodle along regardless. Just one foot in front of the other and the path becomes more evident. I may not always know where I am going but no doubt I am getting to where I am meant to be.

None of us ever really know how the story will end but where was I in June 2021! Thats right. I was part way through writing about Robe…..x

24 thoughts on “Well hello again…….

    1. Hello Natalie from a very hot and dry South Australia where we have just hit 42 degrees compared to your lovely Christmas snow. Thank you for you lovely comment. So kind. Take care and stay warm x

  1. The_Vintage_Palace

    Awwww. I am so sorry about your little cat. 20 is a wonderful age for a cat and she would not have gotten there without so much love and care. Sending warm hugs to you and Zoe ❀❀.

    And welcome back. You have been missed oceangirl. J β€πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈβ€

  2. Jess Tameny

    How weird/odd/strange/ but good weird/odd/strange is this! I was on your site only yesterday checking to see if anything was there then this pops up on my feed 😊😊. YEAH! WELCOME BACK, Jess x🌹

  3. Ham Bone

    She’s been a bloody long time between drinks. How the bloody hell are ya ocean girl. Good to see you are okay. Missed ya kid. Take care.
    Your mate from Tassie. Ham Bone.

    1. Hello my fellow Dirty Chai Runner πŸ™‚ So great to hear from you Keith. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that everything is great in your little part of the world. Waves I fear, have been few and far between. I don’t, as a rule, make new year resolutions but perhaps I might have to make an exception and have one for more salt water and waves in 2023 πŸ™‚ Again, so lovely to hear from you dear friend. Take care and have a brilliant 2023 x

      1. Keith Rooney

        My daughter & her family have just returned from holidays in Adelaide, & said the weather was fantastic, so I’m guessing your weather is similar, that is if your not holidaying somewhere else??? Good to hear you are safe & well. (& I’m still stuck on Dirty Chai, can’t find anything better to replace it).
        Regards Keith

      2. Nothing beats a Dirty Chai πŸ™‚ Hope all is great with you Keith. So lovely to read you family holidayed in SA. I hope they had a wonderful time. Take care until we catch up again one day x

  4. Mum

    Well, hello to you and the return of your blogπŸ™‚.
    What beautiful photos of your gorgeous little Zoe. You have so many lovely memories of your little girl and I know she’s still with you, especially in your garden.
    Have fun catching up with all your ‘blog’ friends and catching them up with your 2021/22 adventures.πŸ˜»πŸ’œβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’™xxoo

  5. Beth Cannavan

    So lovely, welcome back. I am so sorry about little Zoe. I recall reading about her and seeing her in your garden with you. They are never just pets are they. They are so much more ❀❀. Regards, Beth

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