The Brad Pitts of the cat world…..

It has been 55 days since my last post. I don’t know what to say other than that! All good intentions, written of in a previous post, completely out the window.  I guess I feel a little burnt out.  Travel (two trips, one right on top of the other), the yard, the house and other things, things designed to induce a festering resentment if you let it, seem to have sapped not only my time but my energy.

There have been many days where I have just wanted to stay in bed…….. but I won’t. Perhaps I worry if I stop, even for a moment, I will be buried underneath it all.  In spite of this fatigue, which is a good tired mostly, I have been surprisingly productive.

Seven months ago the verge, an almost 50 metre long stretch of rubble, dirt and weeds looked like this…..


Today it looks like this…..


Ditto on the vegie patch…..


My first cauliflower…..

Its early morning. The birds are just starting their day and the sun is beginning to rise. These early spring days are lovely in South Australia and although the air is a little cool this morning, I will just sit for a while in the vegie patch with the little cat for good company, sip a cup of pale green tea and re-charge.



Spring sure suits you South Australia…..

There had been talk over the past month or so of adopting another cat. It was a difficult conversation (and decision) on my part as there is still a beholding that in doing so, I would be replacing Gus.

We still miss Gus and with the passing of time, it has not become any less difficult. Losing a dear companion is not an easy thing. For many, including myself, a passing results in an intense grief. That terrible moment of knowing they are gone then the lingering dark aftermath of a shattering despair so harsh it could break bones.

Whether animal or human companion, grief will undo you from within. I am acutely aware of how deeply Gus enriched our life with his beautiful gift of companionship, trust and love and there is great comfort in knowing Gus lived his best life. Perhaps the intense grief experienced in losing him was a result of that love and not just the circumstance of his death. Very possibly too, the grief felt in missing him means we were given the great privilege to experience such love and not many can say that.


Our intent was to adopt from either the RSPCA or the AWL, both equally wonderful organisations who work tirelessly to improve the welfare of all animals. There are thousands of cats and kittens, puppies and dogs in desperate need of loving homes and this year to-date there have been 8,897 neglected and ‘unwanted’ animals cared for by the RSPCA in South Australia alone and just over 4,077 cases of cruelty being reported. Heartbreaking statistics!!

On one of the web sites, we saw these two handsome chaps, Enrique and Bane. An inseparable pair of older cats in desperate need of their forever home. More difficult conversations followed but we decided to take a drive (a long drive, mainly of silence) to the RSPCA shelter to spend some time with the boys and to also see if they were comfortable with us.

Shelters are notoriously difficult places to visit at the best of times. My heart always breaks for the animals as I know it can take weeks, months and sometimes years of waiting to find their forever home.


Formerly known as Enrique and Bane, Thomas and George (aka Boo) now live with us. These two handsome boys, the Brad Pitts of the cat world, just fill my heart and their being here has made me realise happiness can abide even in the suffering of still missing another.




George aka Boo…..

Very timid at first (their lives had not been easy nor kind ones) they are settling well. Both are deeply affectionate and gentle big cats and in just the short time since their adoption Sunday week, they have bought so much joy to our home.

They resided in the laundry for a good week with warm comfortable beds, toys, litter trays, food and water and all the love and attention they desired before being introduced to Zoe and their new surroundings. This confinement was not only to reduce theirs and Zoe’s stress, but to also control any outbreak of cat flu should it dare have reared its ugly head.


The boys have been out of the laundry since Sunday afternoon and they have made themselves at home better than we anticipated. There have been growls and plenty of hissing, all from ‘little miss sassy pants’ Zoe 😊, but I am more than confident all will soon settle into a routine of harmonious living.  It just takes time, love, patience and kindness.







There comes a time when we all finally get a chance to suck the poison out and spit it back from whence it came with a humility and grace far beyond what we believe we are capable of. These beautiful new companions and our sweet Zoe give us that opportunity every day and we cannot believe how lucky we are to have them as our family………..xx

*Adopt don’t shop

*No matter the age, colour, shape or size a rescue companion is the best companion

*ALWAYS have a voice for those who do not have one

8 thoughts on “The Brad Pitts of the cat world…..

  1. Crystal Bognar

    Yeah!!! and OMG, these guys are gorgeous. I work at a rescue shelter and I know how hard it is to find “fur ever” homes for older animals but it is so much harder when it is two of them together. Bless you for being so awesome in adopting them both. Cant wait to read more about their adventures in their new “fur ever” home. Sending lots of cat cuddles to all 🐈🐈🐈 fur babies. Crystal xxx

    1. I may be bias but I think they are gorgeous too Crystal 🙂 My admiration to you for working at a rescue shelter. At times, they are certainly not easy places to be. We knew how difficult it would be for the boys to be adopted and they have rewarded us ten fold with such love, companionship and joy. Both have settled in beautifully now and have lost that skittish and ‘almost frightened’ manner they had when we first met them which is just wonderful to see. Thank you for your lovely comment and have a great weekend…..x

  2. Mum

    Your garden restoration is looking so good – all that delicious fresh produce! You can be very proud of your efforts, so I hope you sometimes sit back with a chilled wine and enjoy your accomplishments. Gardening is always a work in progress but starting again from nothing is indeed something of which you can be proud – so take time to relax and take in the view.
    ….. and as for your new family additions – they are both looking so content and settled. They, and your beautiful Zoe are truly blessed that you found them and give them so much love and care. Do you think Zoe will share her prawns?😊 Your beautiful Gus, had his best life with you and though you miss him, you know he is never far away.😺 💜🦋🌸😂

    1. Thank you, that’s lovely and it has certainly been a big undertaking but I am getting there. The best part has been in being able to enjoy some of the produce which will hopefully survive in our blistering dry summer and yes, it is nice to sit back late afternoon while enjoying a G&T. I’m not sure which sustains me more. The gin or the garden 🙂

      Thomas and Georgie are just bliss and have settled in so perfectly. Given it seems the boys don’t like prawns, Zoe hasn’t had to worry however they do love their chicken just as Gus did…….xx

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