Last days in Hawaii……..

A final snapshot from our trip to the beautiful archipelago of the Pacific.


The lovely Ananas Comosus as it should be……in ice-cream



693916‘Gilligan’s Island’.  Located off Oahu’s coast, Kaneohe Bay is where a small part the 1960’s sitcom was filmed.  The island is now home to the Institute for Marine Biology.906815845825842DSC_4596[1]Waikiki-sovenir-stands[1]

9088877421352.jpgNext stop, Japan…….x

‘A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm’ – Hagakure: The book of the Samurai…….

4 thoughts on “Last days in Hawaii……..

    1. I know. How cool is this cat. We went to the top of a mountain range and there is a colony of cats up there. I don’t want to say they are ‘feral’ as I am not sure how they survive but there were probably around twenty five to thirty of them that we saw. I photographed most of them 🙂 but he was quite handsome with his ‘Bowie’ look…….x

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