Remembering Pearl Harbour………..

“A date which will live in infamy”…….President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The shipwrecks of Pearl Harbour have become the most iconic sites to ever lay upon a sea bed.  These incredibly somber yet deeply moving monuments of war, declared National Historic Landmarks, have become a place of healing, grace and contemplation and they are a very powerful national symbol for peace.

In the early hours of December 7th 1941, 353 Japanese planes from the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service which included torpedo planes, bombers, dive bombers and fighters, launched a surprise attack against the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbour near Honolulu in Hawaii.


This really was a simple yet brilliantly executed attack where bombs and bullets literally rained down upon a Naval Base ill prepared for such aggression.  During the attack, a 1,800 pound bomb hit the USS Arizona.  The massive amour piercing missile smashed through her deck coming to rest in the ammunition hold setting off more than one million pounds of gunpowder.  The Arizona exploded into a fireball and sank with most of her crew trapped below deck.  Torpedoes struck the battleship USS Oklahoma.  She rolled then slipped beneath the surface of the water taking with her 429 crew.

The attack on Pearl Harbour lasted less than two hours.  Although short by any standard of war, most of the damage was inflicted within the first 30 minutes.  Twenty American Naval vessels were destroyed with eight of those being massive battleships and more than 300 US planes were destroyed.  In the aftermath it was realised that every US battleship at Pearl Harbour – The USS Arizona, USS California, USS Maryland, USS Nevada, USS Oklahoma, USS Pennsylvania, USS Tennessee, USS Utah and USS West Virginia had sustained significant and near irreparable damage.  This attack however, did not destroy the American fleet.


Inconceivably, 2,403 people were killed including civilians and 1,178 were injured.   1,177 service men were killed on board the USS Arizona alone and they remain entombed almost 76 years on.  This world shattering act of aggression altered the entire course of the history of the world forever and it has never been forgotten.

Following the attack, the United States of America immediately declared war on Japan with Australia following suit.


The above images are photos taken from photographs on the walls of the museum………..

Sunday morning August 6th 1945, the ‘Enola Gay’, a United States B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb code named ‘Little Boy’ on Hiroshima.  Thousands died instantly.  ‘Bockscar’ dropped the second bomb ‘Fat Boy’ on Nagasaki August 9th.  There are no definite numbers on how many were killed in Japan but it is thought 80,000 people died instantly in Hiroshima with the death toll there eventually reaching 190,000 due to injuries and radiation poisoning.  70,000 were killed at Nagasaki and many thousands more were injured and listed as missing…………..


The ships bell from the USS Arizona…….







Accessible only by boat, the USS Arizona memorial has been built to straddle the sunken wreckage of this once mighty super-dreadnought.  When standing above the wreckage, you will see a small oil bubble rise to then rainbow itself upon the harbour waters.  This oil continues to leak from the Arizona herself.  On December 6th 1941 the Arizona had taken on a full load of fuel, almost 1.5 million gallons of oil in readiness for a scheduled trip.  During the attack that fuel fed the explosions and the fires which raged for days on end.  500,000 gallons of oil remain locked below the harbour and it will continue to slowly seep from the wreckage of that great war ship.

It is difficult to imagine that almost seventy six years on that a tiny droplet of oil still escapes the sunken hull to ascend and spread its quite reminder of such tragic loss.  It is extremely emotional to see this war grave and the oil which is referred to as ‘tears of the Arizona’ or ‘black tears’.

Although the Arizona and most of her crew were lost there is an undeniable bond between her and the remaining survivors.  In a remarkable stand for dignity and humanity, the US Navy has agreed the surviving crew members of this tragedy will be able to have their cremated remains interred in the ships wreckage.  It is thought when the last of the survivors is interred the leak will then be sealed.  There are just five remaining crew left, all in their 90’s, who saw action at Pearl Harbour on that fateful day……….








These unit blocks were built to mark the flight path of the Japanese on the day Pearl Harbour was attacked.  At 0740 hours the first wave of Japanese fighter planes flew low through cloud toward Oahu.  They came over the mountain range and ‘through the gap of the unit blocks’ to attack the Naval Base.   Wave after wave of fighter plane, launched from four carriers stationed off the coast flew this path.  During the attack the Japanese lost 129 service men, 29 aircraft and 5 midget submarines.


Being at this incredible memorial really does make you stop and think.  It requests of you to consider gratefulness and it will render your heart humble with quiet respect.  I often wonder what peace truly means and where does peace really exist in our tortured world.  Is peace dependent upon war for its existence?  I hope not, as I would like to think peace is of its own making but of this I can no longer be sure.

The human tragedy, horror and brutality of war will always spread itself over many generations but perhaps one day soon, there will be an awakening of the world and its leaders to finally give an accountability for armistice and peace………… xx


Footnote:  Tuesday 18/04/2017 – A USS Arizona sailor, Retired Master Chief Petty Officer Raymond Haerry aged 94 years, who survived the attack on Pearl Harbour has passed away and been laid to rest inside the hull of the sunken battleship USS Arizona.  Mr Haerry, it is stated ‘decided he was going home, going home to the USS Arizona’…….


Photo from KITV4 Island News Hawaii

17 thoughts on “Remembering Pearl Harbour………..

  1. Randy S.

    Aloha Miss Oceangirl

    An Aussie writing about our war history!. Unheard of!. And it’s a woman!!. More unheard of!!. BUT – Great job. I really mean that. You’ve done a great job. Much respect. Randy.

    1. Gidday Randy. Thank you for your great compliment. It is heartwarming to know that an American appreciates what I wrote regarding their war history. I only wrote what I learnt during my visit to the memorial which was an incredible experience and one I will not quickly forget. Have a great rest of your week in sunny Hawaii x

  2. Guy

    Whoa. How incredible was that. You write this then one of the last survivors dies. It was good you put that footnote about it because we saw nothing about it here in the news and we should have. News isnt the news anymore. I liked you wrote about the loss on both sides. I think people forget about the innocent people of Japan during all this as this is always pretty much biased towards the USA. It was a really top notch write up. Good on ya

    1. Hello Guy and thank you for your great comment. Yes, very ironic. I too did not see the news of this in Australia and I was actually alerted to his death by an Australian Defence member who is deployed overseas. I believed it only fair to show both sides of the conflict with regards to loss and I also believe that those who ‘win’ (very tic) these wars are never the ones to have to fight in them….x

  3. Ham Bone

    You did it again girl. Nailed it. Bloody bang on and what a read. Did you know this all happened because an officer fucked up. Yep aint that hard to believe 😉. It’s all fun and games until your idiot fucken officers start killing off your troops. Not the first time either and you only have to look at the shit fight at Gallipoli. Useless piece of brit shit officer who sent the boys over the wall and then sat around on his fat arse with his british troops drinking tea and having smoko and all while our boys and the kiwis were slaughtered. Then we got the Crimean war. Same shit scenario just different day. Unreal what they can get away with then they give the pricks medals for it all. Take care love. Ham Bone

  4. Hello Ham Bone. Great to hear from you and thank you for your comment.

    I love that you always wear your heart on your sleeve and that you have such passion for what you believe in. Unfortunately there is much conflicted information with regards to Pearl Harbour and the inept command of an Officer on that day. Of the absolute truth of his full involvement I cannot be certain but I do believe his lack of action most certainly contributed to the devastation inflicted.

    I love our Australian war history and I am well versed on most of it including Gallipoli and the tragedy of that conflict. I also believe your wording of ‘slaughtered’ best sums up that terrible and very bloody campaign. It seems to me that in most cases the real truth of events, when being reported especially with regards to the incompetent and very unprofessional conduct of Defence Officers, is always concealed by those of a higher rank, Defence and Government and of course themselves.

    I also mentioned in a comment previously to Guy that those who ‘win’ these wars are never the ones to fight in them. They are not the families to suffer the loss of loved ones and nor do they seem to suffer the true consequence and fallout of war.

    I guess there will always be those who get to strut around with ‘clean hands’. Those who get to make sly but very grubby back-room deals with the other members of the ‘back slapping little boys club’ so their dirty deeds, their incompetence and the actual truth of the events is always kept very well concealed.

    Have a great ANZAC Day Ham Bone, I have no doubt you will. Take care…..x

  5. Ham Bone

    Great response love. Thanks for that. I get so gripped with what you write. My wife said I have to stop swearing when I write to you too but what you see is what you get and I know you are a huge supporter of free speech and I’m pretty free with it 😀. You’ve smacked it with the last paragraph. Its as true as. Dirty deals and back slappers hey. Breed of their fucking own. Mate I am going to have a brilliant Anzac day as always and I will raise a glass to you on Tuesday. Cheers Ham Bone

  6. Annegela Gibson

    I always hate these sort of places because they glorify war. I have never been to the anzac day stuff either because of the same reason. Sorry. Ang

  7. Hi Ang. Thank you for your comment and you have no need to apologise as that is your belief and we are all certainly entitled to our own viewpoints.

    I have to say I disagree with you as I do not believe memorials glorify the act of war. To me, they are historic and very symbolic places of great respect, honor, loss and sacrifice. These memorials should also trigger in all of us the need for humanity, compassion and peace and perhaps they could serve as a gentle reminder to us all of our worlds’ future.

    I find Anzac Day, especially the Dawn Service, to be a deeply moving and very beautiful ceremonial day. Have a lovely weekend…..x

  8. Annegela Gibson

    Thanks for replying to my message. I get where your coming from and the way you said it was great. I have been yelled down for my opinion especially about anzac day heaps of times and people get really angry about what I say. I don’t say anything bad either just that I dont believe in glorifying war. Still wont change my ways. Have a lovely weekend to. Ang xo

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