Colour Me Happy – the ‘Street Art Walk’ of Katoomba…….


Located west of Sydney, lovely Katoomba with its backdrop of the spectacular World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, steep streets, art deco buildings and heritage homes is one of the most popular mountain townships in New South Wales.  It is here you will also find an emerging and very impressive restaurant subculture, hip wine bars, fab op shops, a vibrant community and …………street art!


There is something about street art that I absolutely love.  Perhaps it is the visual impact or the fact I adore the slightly rebellious undertone of it all but I do know that wherever I am in the world I seek this sort of work out.

I tend to like big mural works, pieces and stencils and I am now also discovering ‘yarn bombing’.   A granny graffiti of sorts which I find rather sweet.  Creative knitters and crocheters who will cover pretty much anything with wool, cotton thread or twine.


And in Katoomba, with brick and concrete as their canvases, passionate and creative artists along with the support of the Blue Mountains community have created a dynamic street art gallery.   This visually stunning space is located right in the heart of Katoomba and it has seemingly transformed a once grim urban landscape with color, vibrancy and thought provoking beauty.


Street art has become a global phenomenon and I really do believe there is a depth of cultural significance and great worth to this clever, entertaining, often powerful and engaging work.  A unique open air gallery for all to enjoy and where selfless street artists, no longer marginalised or vilified, freely offered up their work.  And when you think about it, that really does have a lovely sense of karma to it…………



Recently in Newcastle we lost a stunning piece of street art by artist Guido Van Helton.  I saw this work easily three times a week and loved the beauty of it and the fact it reminded me of crumpled paper.  Naturally I ask the question ?, as do many……..


We are coming to end of winter here in Australia and I viewed the Katoomba work on a bitterly cold and wind swept day.  Standing under a brittle grey sky I realised over time this work will no doubt erode or fade due to the influence of our severe and unforgiving Australian elements but such is the ephemeral nature of this sort of art.


In the meantime though……. touch it, see it, appreciate it, photograph it and be coloured happy by these works of art which have breathed life into a previously neglected and unappealing city area.


**Open all hours and free, the Street Art Walk is located at Beverly Place Katoomba**

With a rainy and cold winters evening upon us I am about to settle in with the sweet little Zoe cat, a glass of red and begin to unravel the history of yarn bombing.  Cheers to a bit of knit one purl one………xx


6 thoughts on “Colour Me Happy – the ‘Street Art Walk’ of Katoomba…….

  1. Nola

    Fascinating art on show 24/7 but not all of equal interest. I guess it’s about perspective in the end. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Simi

    OMG!! Please tell me they DID NOT get rid of that awesome mural!! They say graffiti is vandalism but that is vandalism people!! Good on you for asking why. But seriously why!!

  3. Street art will no doubt always divide opinion Simi however art lovers and most of the general public are dismayed at the loss of that beautiful piece of work. And why?……. the owner of the building has said that work needed to be done on the building due to ‘maintenance and safety concerns’ (which is his right as he ‘owns’ the space) however that reply did not really offer an answer for me. Could community consultation somehow have preserved the work?? Sadly, we will never know now.

    Given that, perhaps community’s need to start cataloguing and registering their street art work with local councils etc. in order to protect them. Have a great week….x

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