Cumberland Island, Georgia USA – Part II

Random photos from my camping trip to Cumberland Island or as I like to call it, photos of ‘that was some kind of wonderful’……


Leaving the dock in St Marys early morning…..




When in the beauty of solitude you see things with so much more clarity.  The sky is far bluer, the blades of salt meadow cordgrass soft and windblown like a cowlick and you see the grace in the lonesome shoreline.  You value the delicateness of catkins and the harsh discarded shells of the horseshoe crabs and in these moments, the only sound you will hear is that of the exhalation of your own breath in wonderment to it all.

The ruins on Cumberland Island, preserved by the National Parks Service, are the remains of the ‘Dungeness Mansion’.  This once four story home of tabby was built in 1803.  Tabby is a construction material made from crushed oyster shell, sand, water, ash and  lime (the lime being made from burning oyster shells).   The mansion was destroyed by fire, thought to be an arson attack, in 1959.  I recently did some research on the mansion and the family who lived there and I found a few early photographs showing the grandeur and elegance of the original building.   The photographs below are courtesy of ‘The National Parks Service’ and ‘The Living History of Cumberland Island’.


And below, is a glimpse of how it remains today.








Travel somehow changes you.  It leaves an indelibly mark on your memory and on your heart.  I will always follow my own path because although I do not know where it leads, I know the journey getting there will be an amazing one……xx

20 thoughts on “Cumberland Island, Georgia USA – Part II

  1. Milla L.

    Just beautiful. Loved it more than Part I which I didn’t think was possible. Thought it was great too that you gave a shout out about the photos that were not yours. Love it when someone gives credit where credit is due. That showed the true goodness of a person oceangirl 63

    1. oceangirl63

      Thank you for your lovely comment Milla. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I believe you should always, without question, acknowledge the person, company, site etc. who took a photograph or credit where a photo came from. Have a great day x

  2. Erinn

    Just poured a glass of wine to sit down and read my favorite blogger and as much as I love this and the photos I’m sad because you didn’t write as much as you usually do 😦 Please write some more soon 🙂

    1. oceangirl63

      Thank you for your great comment Erinn. This recent blog was just to post more photos from my trip. If I had posted all of those photos in the original blog post is would have made it far too long. I usually do this with some posts where there are a significant amount of photos. Hope the wine didn’t go to waste 🙂 Have a lovely day x

  3. Addie

    Jumping on your band wagon Erinn. Miss ocean, your writing is wonderful (like the bit in the middle here about solitude) but I want MORE!! PLEASE!!


    1. oceangirl63

      Apologies Addie. This blog was about posting a montage of photos from the trip. I do this sometimes when the trip has been long or when there are a significant amount of photos…as is the case with this trip. More writing to come x

  4. Jules J

    Get over it. She said this was ‘Random Photos’!!. If you read and follow her blog you will know that she does the write up as part 1 and then does the part 2 (sometimes part 3) as more photos otherwise you cant put all of the photos on the first part 1 because there are too many!! I LOVE the pics in this. Thanx.

    1. oceangirl63

      Hi Jules. Yes, you were absolutely correct in that the blog was done in order to post more photos from the trip. I loved that you also recognised how I post and break up my blog posts into sections 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a wonderful day x

  5. Enrique

    I have Cumberland Island envy now oceangirl63. I so want to go there but instead, please take me with you on your next adventure. It would be so great.

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