Washington DC….. (part I)

One year later and we are back in beautiful Washington DC.  Home of the White House and expensive lunches.  I always feel an incredible glow of pride when in DC.  Maybe that’s because I know and truly appreciate how very fortunate I am to be living here in the United States.

Last year while in Washington I did an awful lot of sight-seeing (see previous blog from May 2014)  and of course this time was no different.  Once again I enlisted the help of the ‘foot falcon’ (my preferred mode of transport) and walked just over 52 miles in six day.  Pedometers, it would seem, are very handy for walkers 😉

Last year it was all about the museums, the monuments, the memorials, the history, the National Mall and the city so this time I decided to do things a little differently.  Here’s a snapshot…………

010   021 028 029 033   090 100 026


Two of my favorite foods in one shop.  How lucky can a girl get……

073 095 126

And just a few more pics for good measure……..

105 114 089 131 322


Praying you don’t run out of petrol…….

Part II to come xx


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