Super ‘running’ Man on the streets of Washington DC….

What a great way to start a day.

Just up in DC (more to come on that) and during an early morning stroll I happened upon this man, Michael Wheeler, running for ykw and spreading a little joy and happiness along the streets of the America.  And we all know that can never be a bad thing……


He lives in Kansas but hits the streets (you never know where he will pop up next) in his fashionable homemade Superman outfit every day come rain, hail or shine.  Apart from this he also competes in marathons and has run seven laps around each of the Capital Buildings in the 50 states – 7 laps being a nod to the number of times the Israelites marched around Jericho.

He is an amazing man who I met not long after he had arrived in DC after running the streets during the recent Baltimore riots and prior to that he was running in Ferguson.  He said his main goal was to inspire young black men.

An infectious spirit and genuine mindfulness will never goes out of fashion xx

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