Feeling Blessed……..

What an incredibly beautiful day.   I was very privileged to receive an invitation  to attend a ‘Brit Milah’ Ceremony at the Jewish Synagogue in Macon Georgia.

The ‘Brit Milah’ is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by the Mohel on the eighth day after the child’s birth.  The baby’s name is also revealed to the world at the end of the ceremony and he was named Etan –  which in English is Ethan.

What made Etan’s  birth even more special is that he was born on the day the Jewish faith celebrate ‘Purim’, a holiday of miracle and joy.   The ceremony was extremely beautiful and very moving and once concluded it was followed by a festive meal.

I completely understand and respect this isn’t for everyone.  Opinions, beliefs and attitudes are varied on this very sacred tradition.   I for one however, found the entire ceremony beautifully fascinating.  It is steeped in observances and from beginning to end I was captivated.

I am honored and very humbled to have been asked to attend.  I am certainly feeling blessed xx


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