Dallas Texas…… Part I

We are just back again from big beautiful Texas.  The city of Dallas this time, the ninth largest city in the United States and where the cattle population is estimated to be near 16 million……that’s a lot of steaks!!  Think of Dallas and you think (sadly) of the assignation of John F Kennedy but there is a whole lot more to this amazing city.  Restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, history and more.  For all its positives though, Dallas does have a couple of little negatives – it is illegal to take three sips of beer while standing and on the topic of beer, the entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas!!  This is because it contains the formula for making beer at home.  Your going to look that up now aren’t you.

Oddly too, more popcorn is consumed in Dallas than anywhere else in America.  Why?  I have no idea and the ‘Margarita’ is also thought to have been invented here.  And believe it or not (and you have to believe this because its true), a ‘Valentines Margarita’ in Texas will cost you $30K (that is correct, 30 thousand dollars US).  That must be some cocktail I hear you say!  Well, it is as it has a pair of diamond earrings dangling from the lime wedge on the side of the glass.

Dallas hits you as soon as you step off the plane as the Dallas/Fort Worth airport is larger than New York City’s Manhattan Island and this airport also boasts the largest parking lot in the world.  It would be safe to say it is not a good place to forget where you parked your car.

To date we have visited four cities in the state of Texas and the one thing I have found that I have loved in each is the modern architecture.  The buildings are beautiful.  Most are in stunning reflective glass and they tower over the city.  And it is all mixed so beautifully with the original historic buildings and sites.


We saw some amazing sites in Dallas, walked the streets, ate the best steak ever, indulged in some pretty great cocktails, allowed ourselves to be carried away in history and soaked up the atmosphere of this wonderful contemporary city.

A snapshot of our trip to Dallas:

  • The Dallas Farmers Market – the largest working farmers market in the entire United States.  Whenever I am visiting somewhere I always check to see if there is a farmers market on during my planned stay.  Very luckily, these wonderful seasonal markets were open.

110 115  127 130

At these markets we also had one of the best cups of coffee (ended up being two)….ever!!  Big call I know in the land of the coffee drinker however this market stall ‘Palmieri’ will serve you up the best handmade coffee bar none plus they have amazing pastries….the infant calzone being my favorite.

137        143

133 145

Dallas Farmers Markets – open Thursday to Monday 8-5, located 1010 S. Pearl Expy Dallas.

  • Wild Bills Western Store – a quirky place right in the heart of the historic district on Market Place for all things western.


      005      002


And of course any ‘western’ store always allows me to indulge in my favorite past time……..seeking out John Wayne


Deep Fried Onion Rings……see everything really is bigger in Texas!!

Located adjacent to the Dallas Convention Centre is ‘Pioneer Plaza and the Pioneer Cemetery’.  This amazing and impactful site features a re-creation of a cattle drive.  All in bronze, the sculptures depict long horn steers which are being driven by three cowboys.  Truly an impressive sight and a must see on a tour of Dallas.

042 045              057 061              063 064 070

                  073     075                  079      081 087

Beautiful love affairs don’t just happen in the movies.  Sometimes they are the places you very luckily and happily visit which stay in your heart…….. xx

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