Goodbye 2014 (and what a year it has been) and hello 2015……..

And yes, what a year 2014 has been.  Lots of travel, adventure and very good times in some very good company.  It was an amazing and wonderful year and I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring.

For some, a new year involves a little custom called ‘out with the old and in with the new’.  Me however, well I’m not big on new years resolutions and nor am I one to get rid of things easily from my life…..especially those that bring me much joy – you may see a very thinly disguised segue to Eileen here!  You see Eileen (my Christmas tree – see previous blog) is still standing in our living room.  I have actually grown quite attached to Eileen.  When I wake up in the morning I turn on her lights and she sparkles away.  That said, she is actually looking a little tired (a bit like an aged and jaded Vegas showgirl on a Wednesday afternoon in the harsh light of day) and I have taken to now adding nutrients to her water to give her a little boost however I suspect an intervention may well be in order.  Its a tough one.  I don’t feel I can just discard her – Christmas trees in the US suffer a terrible fate when they are no longer wanted.  However, it is the tenth day of January as I post this so I fear her demise is eminent.



The aftermath of Christmas……so I guess you can perhaps see my point regarding Eileen’s disposal

Anyway, once again this new year will be filled with travel and adventure.  We are off to a good start as this weekend we are heading to Columbus.  While there we will take in an ice hockey game in the evening and in a week or so there is travel afoot to Boston.  I am actually going ice skating in Boston.  I have had some incredibly wonderful moments this past year and some well, lets just say not so great (and I have a feeling my ice skating caper will be one of the latter) but I am in the US so ice skating (no matter how treacherous or embarrassing) it will be.   Although I consider myself more a traveler than a tourist I still like to do the little ‘kitschy’ tourist things when the mood takes me so it will be hot chocolate and ice skating.

Since moving to America, I am often asked if I miss home.  Home being Australia.  Well, the honest answer is no.  There are things about Australia that I miss however for me, my home is always where I am living at any given moment.  Therein my home is Georgia USA.  So happy new year to all from the south.  I hope it is a wonderful year filled with all that you deserve and more xx

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014 (and what a year it has been) and hello 2015……..

  1. mum xoxo

    Ummmm ….. maybe a bedazzled crash helmet for your initial venture onto that slippery ice?? Have fun and heaps of laughs;)
    As for Eileen, perhaps a huge,’you’ll be missed’, bon voyage party send-off would let her know she has been an integral part of Christmas for you :).
    …….. and …… soooo envious of all your planned adventures for 2015. Enjoy xoxo

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