Our new ‘Boxing Day’ tradition……

Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated the day after Christmas Day in Australia. Originally the day was called ‘Christmas Box Day’ as it was the day employees and servants received gifts from their employers…..a legacy from the colony of Great Britain.  Boxing Day is not celebrated here in the US but it is quite a big deal in Australia.  Our national Boxing Day traditions involve the Boxing Day Test (a cricket match held at the MCG) and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Celebrating Christmas here in the US had me thinking about traditions and it was at that time I came to the realization that as a family, we didn’t really have any traditions.  They have been somewhat absent from our lives but I guess that could be said of other families too as traditions seem to be falling by the wayside.  That said, its all about to change.  We have a brand new Boxing Day tradition.  Gingerbread!!  And its all thanks to the Travis family.

This wonderful Canadian family have some great family traditions, one of which is making gingerbread for Christmas.  And luckily for us, they invited us around on Boxing Day to make gingerbread with them.  Small things like this seem support the fabric of friendships.  That lovely weave we create with one another and one that will last throughout ones lifetime.

Maggie very quickly whipped up a batch of gingerbread using the same recipe her family has been using since her childhood.  And yes, this is a tradition from her childhood which she has continued with her own family.  And I have to say the kitchen smelt amazing.  I think baking gingerbread is one of the best smells on earth.  And gingerbread goes perfectly with champagne 🙂

20141226_161821     20141226_163322

20141226_162837 20141226_163552

20141226_165838   20141226_165607

Now the fun begins.  Constructing the house….

20141226_170313    20141226_170523


The three engineers.  Very serious business…….

20141226_171039Patiently waiting………..

This was so much fun and as I am a creature of habit, creating this new beautiful tradition for myself is somewhat perfect.  I know that no matter where I am or what I am doing on this one day of the year I will continue with this new tradition (and I can’t wait for my kitchen to smell of gingerbread this time next year).

A lovely afternoon of gingerbread created a rich feeling of gratitude.  Boxing Day, will from now on, always be ‘Gingerbread Day’ to me xx20141226_171910

4 thoughts on “Our new ‘Boxing Day’ tradition……

  1. maggie

    So sweet….can’t wait until next year!! I’ll start drawing up the plans now…i see gingerbread castles with whipped cream moats, or Sydney Opera House perhaps? But my favourite will always be the crooked little witch’s house that always seems to appear despite my best efforts at a masterpiece! So glad I could introduce you to this tradition….I guess this means a yearly around-the-world flight for one of us each year, eh? 🙂

  2. I love a good plan Maggie (and your creativity 🙂 ). I too am rather partial to the crooked little house though. It was so lovely. ‘Gingerbread Day’ is penciled into my diary for 2015 and I will start saving my penny’s for a ‘Gingerbread Day’ Canada trip xx

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