41st Annual Daytona Turkey Run 2014, Florida USA

Daytona is the perfect road trip destination, especially when there is a 41 year old ‘thanksgiving’ tradition at stake.  And this observance by the way, does not involve sitting around the family table feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie!


The ‘Turkey Run’, held at the Daytona International Speedway, is the one weekend of the year where petrol heads, car enthusiasts and collectors get to invade the sacred infield of this famous track.  This three day event is one of the biggest car shows and swap meets in the US with over 6,000 classic cars for show and sale together with a massive swap meet/flea market.  And be warned – you will definitely need the three days allocated for the ‘run’ and you still won’t get to see everything on offer.

Just a taster……….


057     038  026


024    226

 248     077

132  161


039  173

258    458


 349  365




354    131

373        447



More photographs to come xx

2 thoughts on “41st Annual Daytona Turkey Run 2014, Florida USA

  1. mum xoxo

    Wow! Now that’s a swap meet! Sooooo …. how many times did you lose your mate/s in amongst all those cars? …. and … which one now has your name on the rego?? Looks like it was a fun event 🙂

    1. It certainly was. It was HUGE!!!…and we still didn’t see everything. I am rather partial (code for love) the big old 1959 Chevy Bel Air’s. They are my absolute favorite cars however they are a tank to drive and maneuver at 5 foot 2 inches (booster seat required!!) Next in line would be a 1959 Ford Galaxie…..once again super huge (also known as a land yacht!!) 🙂 Maybe something smaller will turn up one day xx

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