I am blue……..

It’s okay not to be perfect…… 

It had to happen.  I’m blue…..

Literally.  I am the colour blue…….as in indigo blue thanks to a fab pair of dark denim I recently purchased at a flea market.

And here’s how it happened.  Me – hanging out at a wonderful junky flea market.  There is something inexplicably likable about flea markets.  They make me happy just for being there and flea markets are amazingly interesting places filled with ‘stuff’.  Other peoples ‘stuff’ to be precise and frankly I love nothing more than to be systematically examining (with the greatest of scrutiny) other peoples interesting yet unwanted ‘stuff’….although generally you also seem to find some very scary looking dolls at places such as these!

I am convinced she was much loved by someone at one time……okay convinced is somewhat implausible!

And back to being blue.  And I know some of you are ‘tsking’ at this very moment (and I know who you are).  ‘Tsk, why didn’t she wash the jeans before she wore them’.  ‘Tsk, why didn’t she wash them with a good handful of salt’.  Well have no doubt ladies (and one gentleman who happens to be a fervent tsker……not mentioning any names Neal!)  I did wash the jeans.  Several times in fact given where they were purchased from and rest assured they were also washed in water saltier than the Mediterranean.  Anyway, once worn and I was blue.  To say it isn’t easy being green is an understatement because being blue is far more a difficult look to pull off.

At the same markets I also found this wonderful little vintage brooch.


My beautiful brooch photographed on the offending jeans!

And a couple of my best tips for good flea marketing:

1.  Get there early

2.  Get there early!! xx

One thought on “I am blue……..

  1. Megan

    So sweet. Was worried when I started to read this one but it wasn’t what I thought it was actually about. Love to see your adventures oceangirl63 even when you are just at a flea market 🙂

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