San Antonio Texas – More Random Photos and Further Musings……

Part II


         A Scotsman and a French Canadian walked into a bar…….

We were very fortunate for part of this trip to have been travelling in the company of some of the members of the Canadian Air Force and their families.  It was lovely to have shared in their time,  friendships, conversations over dinner and drinks and to have listened to their stories and opinions and thoughts.  For me, it is always refreshing when people have something of worth and interest to say and it seems especially so when from another country.   And should you ever happen to run into a Canadian (who on the whole seem quite an agreeable bunch – they actually have an ‘Apology Act’), then here are a couple of things you may find handy to know:

1.  Don’t ever refer to them as yanks (otherwise they may beat you stupid with an ice hockey stick).

2.  They have a disturbingly odd addiction to maple syrup (and ice hockey)……….oh, and they don’t marry their relatives (kin) either.




DSCF0149     DSCF0134

DSCF0126     DSCF0072


DSCF9562     DSCF9418

DSCF9183     DSCF8996

DSCF9191     DSCF9363

DSCF9450     DSCF9367


Now for something a little different.  A yoga class on an old San Antonio railway bridge…..located in the somewhat sketchier side of town.   Outdoors became a beautiful yoga studio and even in the midst of city noise, local vagrants, drifters and train disturbance (a long goods train did thunder underneath the bridge at one stage) I was able to momentarily quiet my mind.  I have an immense respect of yoga simply because it challenges me and it is often that small mindful prompt I sometimes need.  Occasionally, its those little things that do the most good and how could yoga on a bridge in a city not be a lovely way to flood a little gentle kindness and goodwill over a community…….and of course I also happen to like a little urban independence as well.

Yoga with a view

DSCF9028   DSCF9024


DSCF9899     DSCF9803


Maggie and Ethan (part of the Canadian contingent).  We spent pockets of time together exploring the San Antonio Zoo, some missions and of course the hotel pool. 


Ethan – an official ‘Junior Park Ranger’


4th of July (Independence Day) also fell during our time in San Antonio.  4th of July in the States commemorates the Declaration of Independence – the United States declaring its independence from Great Britain on July 4th 1776.  We had front row seats on our hotel balcony and as I looked skyward to a fireworks display more beautiful and heart rendering than I ever expected, I could not help but wonder of the ever eternal journey being sought for courage and personal freedom.

A national festivity involving gunpowder, explosions and lots of smoke…what could possible be wrong with that!


ghost signs……

DSCF0044     DSCF9957

DSCF9246    DSCF0167



DSCF9456    DSCF9492



I have a love of random writings found on toilet walls…..


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