A Garden of Hope

We are between seasons at present here in Georgia.  The very late of a June spring and the impending summer of which I am told will be very, very hot with soaring temperatures and extreme humidity.  With much warmer days around, ‘day-lilies’  have begun appearing in some neighbouring gardens.  Our garden sadly lacks these beautiful flowering perennials however having said that, we are custodians of two lovely mature pecan trees.  The estate we live in is built among an old pecan orchard so wisely the developers kept many of these trees.  Almost every yard here has a pecan and these stunning trees also line the winding streets and avenues of our estate.

Today was another forecast of humidity and high temperatures with evening thunderstorms so I began my day in the garden early.  I have dug, pruned and weeded. I am trying to improve the garden with lots of organic matter and pelletised manure…the neighbours will be happy! and I planted out some herbs and small punnets of colour.  I have ordered mulch too as the garden has not been mulched since it was first planted over nine years ago and as you know gardens, as in the case with most things, do not respond well to neglect or lack of nurturing care.

I find gardening addictive and relaxing and a garden has always had much significance in any home I have lived in be it rented or owned.  It is a place where I seem, apart from the ocean, to do some of my best thinking and where I also feel much contentment.

Although I am dreaming of a garden of abundance I know this will be a work in progress.  There is still much to do and accomplish.  The heavy clay soil is nutrient poor and many of the established shrubs are stunted and lacking vigorous new growth.  All that aside though, it has been a lovely day and I am beginning to enjoy this garden more as I am seeing less of the faults and flaws and more of its potential.  Yes I miss my garden in Gawler but I am missing it much less as today I also planted food in the form of raspberries and a summer salad green leaf crop amongst the shrubs.

It is almost the end of the day and yet the sun is still shining hard and usually does so until around 8.45pm unless we have an early evening thunderstorm.  I am sitting near the window as I type this blog watching the birds and squirrels, two small native ducks and a pair of wild Canadian geese and their beautiful goslings who have begun to visit our unfenced yard on a regular basis.

Essentially, I have planted hope.  Hope that all will thrive and grow here in my garden in my tiny little part of the world, just as my new life here in the United States is also beginning to flourish and bloom x

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