2 thoughts on “The Great American Road Trip – Part III (the end)

  1. Lyn

    G’day Kym, from good ole Gawler. I’ve just been catching up on your blog – WOW – It’s so good! I see you’ve been to Amish country with their buggies and the covered bridges. I think Pennsylvania is the largest settlement of them. their life-style fascinates me. Life continues here as usual, Winter is coming so cooler mornings, but still some really nice, sunny days. I’ve sent your news to FOGL members. Keep atravellin’ well! Love, Lyn

  2. Hey y’all (translated is hello Lyn) – so good to hear from you Lyn. It is odd to think it is winter in Gawler as it is summer here in the states. Very hot and humid in the south. I am told it will get much hotter though which is good swimming weather (except of course in gator territory!). Just arrived back from Las Vegas where the temps were in triple figures. It is a dry heat similar to Gawler which I found much more bearable than the humidity. I am like you and have a fascination with the Amish lifestyle of gentleness, kindness and simplicity. It was lovely to be in that environment. Once again, lovely to hear from you and great to catch up. Take care Lyn, hello to all in Gawler….love Kym x

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