The Great American Road Trip – Part I

I have to say, one of the best things about road tripping are the unique and unexpected experiences you just happen upon.  Like watching a beautiful wild black bear in the hardwood forests of the Shenandoah, seeing an Amish buggy on the road alongside a massive 18 wheeler, walking in the footsteps of civil war soldiers, spying wood-chucks during a long drive, finding covered bridges or just simply sitting next to a complete stranger and engaging in enlightened conversation.

This was a big trip so I won’t go into great detail listing every single State, city or town we passed through or visited.  What I will do is post, over the coming few days/weeks, a snap shot of the trip and some of the highlights.

We travelled from Georgia toward the Atlantic coast then traversed coastal en route to Washington.  After DC we headed further north to Pennsylvania then back-tracked inland following the Appalachian and Civil War Battlefield trails back home to Georgia.

Beautiful black bear in the wild


Stevens reaction to my dinner order one evening!   The below photograph is what I ordered and very happily ate.  


Underneath the crab were clams and shrimp.  BTW, Steve’s meal is to left of the photo.


One of the many diners we stopped at and no, her name wasn’t Alice or Flo.


‘Dairy Queen’


The traffic light system in most American towns…which can be a tad confusing.


One of the many covered bridges


The simplistic and gentle Amish

012       014

Another road side stop was ‘Mr Sticky’s Sticky Buns’. Before baking and after and for the record – they were very, very sticky!

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