The Great American Road Trip

It has been some time since my last post.  My computer crashed a day or so after posting my last blog titled ‘Anzac Day 2014’ which was in April.  The computer crash was a tragedy for me as my computer tends to become my own little world of words and pictures and general life.  Sadly, this crash also happened just prior to embarking on a very long and very interesting road trip (I also plan our trips and do much research on my computer).  *Important Note to Self: back up regularly!!!

Anyway, if you have been following my blog you will know that for me, road tripping is the ultimate way to see a country like the USA.  Preferably, it is the only way to see it and given gas is so cheap there is really no excuse for not getting out and about to enjoy this great land.

Our trans navigation for this 17 day long road trip, where we took in eight states, was just over 2,178 miles which is 3,506 kilometres.  Needless to say, I really don’t want to see the inside of our car again for a very long time……well, at least not until our next trip.

We travelled along parts of ‘The Loneliest Road’, ‘The Skyline Drive’ and through some of the most beautiful countryside in America.  We drove side by side Amish women in buggies, along small trails where I really did believe a mountain man would suddenly appear from the thick hardwood forest – and not the good mountain man either but the one-toothed-banjo-strumming-type-mountain-man! and through historic Civil War Battlefields.  We saw black bear in the wild, met some of the most fascinating and friendly people, saw Dorothy’s ruby slippers and marvelled at the incredible history of this country.

We ate at diners (New Jersey has over 600 diners alone), went to our first baseball game, saw places of infamy and searched out odd and quirky icons.  I found ghost signs, drank some very bad coffee and quaffed some very good Washington State wines and it was in DC alone that I very nearly walked the tread off my shoes.  We took back roads and detours, munched on fried oyster sandwiches and creamy pies, tried root beer floaters and loosened our belts a notch or three.

We made our way through tiny towns and big cities, through mountain ranges and past stunning coast line and finally found our way home again.  Some say it is all in the journey.  Some say its all about the destination.  For me, it is and always will be all about both xx


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