Seasons greetings from America


‘Merry Christmas everyone’

This really is one of the best times to be in America.  The festive cheer is just so infectious and I can’t believe Christmas is so close…..only a couple of days away now.  Having said that, I am dealing with it quite adequately.  I’m eating lots of American Christmas food (sugar, fat and cinnamon laden – these Americans really know how to celebrate) and I am washing it all down with a little Christmas ‘cheer’ and eggnog.  I will admit I’m still acquiring a taste for eggnog though.  Who ever thought to put cream, sugar, whipped eggs, nutmeg and alcohol together!  Probably the same person who came up with the marshmallow loaded baked potato recipe.

I hope everyone reading this latest blog can look back on the past year and reflect on something really lovely or special that has happened for them, think of those less fortunate – especially those of the animal world, think of those no longer with us and look forward to a wonderful brand new year ahead.  And of course to everyone back in Australia (and other parts of the world) please accept my ‘wishing you a wonderful and very safe and happy Christmas’………….via a blog post.  Okay, its a cheap way to get out of sending cards and making phone calls but hey, its the thought that counts.

And yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus as my Christmas wish came true.  Gus and Zoe (our two much loved and much missed cats) have arrived safely in America, albeit a little thinner than when last seen just over a month ago.  Thank you Jetpets for such a great job and a huge thank you to everyone else involved in their safe delivery.  Gus and Zoe are still adjusting to the changes of the past month which could not have been easy for them.  I mean it was certainly no picnic for us so I just can’t imagine how they must have felt during the whole process.   And no doubt jetlag has played enormous havoc with their little feline systems too but given all that, we are just so happy to have them with us again……and just quietly, I think they are very happy to be with us again too.  Their arrival in America has been the best present ever.  Except for that one present………oh, never mind!  This really is the best gift ever.

Now, as you will see from the following photos, nobody does Christmas quite like the Americans.  Several hundreds of thousands of lights have given their lives for some of the most wonderful and often inexplicable offerings of Christmas joy.  Some of the Christmas displays around here are quite elaborate and very beautiful, some are rich in kitch, some show great imagination and some are just down right tacky but who cares, it’s Christmas.  Plus in America they have ‘ugly Christmas sweater (sweater is the American equivalent to an Australian jumper) parties’.  Secretly, its my favourite part  of the American Christmas tradition so far.  Have I convinced you yet that no one does Christmas like the Yanks!


Just about to put my order in for next year.  I love !!!




No sheep (nothing here is made from wool) or cheap synthetic Christmas trees were harmed in the making of these party jumpers

There are obviously some people out there with incredibly imaginative and creative minds and their holiday spirit shows this to the hilt.  Almost every home here has a display of some kind be it big, small or enormous.  The absolute heart and soul which people put into these displays is amazing.  I mean, have you ever done something so wonderful that you have actually stood back and admired it and thought to yourself ‘wow, I think this is what I am really meant to do on this earth.  I have finally found my calling’.  Well I haven’t, but I have witnessed some pretty unbelievable displays although it does beg the question:  is this what they are truly meant to do or do they just have too much time (and beer) on their hands??  But what does it matter because I’m LOVING it and its Christmas.

Enjoy the light show.




Holy Holidays Batman!!



When too many lights just aren’t enough




There is a house underneath…….somewhere




I saved the very best display until last.  I like to call it ‘the less is more look’……..


Christmas day will raise my glass in a silent toast to all but for now………Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night xxx


4 thoughts on “Seasons greetings from America

  1. Yvette and Gavin

    Hi Kim and Stephen,

    We are happy to hear that you finally have a home to move into and that your favourite two cats have arrived save and sound. It looks like a lot like christmas over your way, grand lights display and those sweaters, I look forward in seeing both of you in one of those individual Christmas sweaters.

    Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year. Keep up the blog.

    Yvette and Gavin

    1. Hello Yvette and Gavin. Merry Christmas. Hope you are having a wonderful and safe festive season. Yes, good news on all fronts here with Gus and Zo’s arrival and a home. The fat man has been very kind – that’s Santa by the way not you know who 🙂 I certainly look forward to posting next year’s Christmas sweater photos and as post Christmas sales begin here tomorrow (Boxing Day, which isn’t technically ‘boxing day’ here) I will no doubt stock up on some Christmas display lights too. Have a fantastic new years. Take care and look forward to catching up again one day soon xx

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