Guess who’s coming to dinner!

Actually I don’t know who is coming to dinner and more to the point who I should be expecting however in order to furnish our rental home we are required to fill it with rented ‘show room quality’ furniture.  Hmmm!!

Now, some of the furniture I have looked at (there is a web site which we must order from) is well, lets just say, a little different from what I would  normally choose but hey, its not ours forever and sometimes a change is as good as a holiday.  Although I am still not really sure about the ‘Aristotle Onassis’ themed décor.   Probably not the person I would be taking decorating tips from!



jurgen frank photography[1]


‘This quirky thing is a lamp – this is also one of the items I am actually hoping is available’

We have finally found a home to rent.  I won’t bore you with the ridiculous lengths you need to go to in order to find a rental house here in America.  Well, Georgia anyway.  Lets just say it is a very different and somewhat strange – and by strange I mean really odd, peculiar, bizarre, perplexing, ‘you cannot be serious’ and ‘laugh otherwise you really will cry’ process.  It also included door knocking (something one does not want to do unless one is a Mormon), a holstered pistol and a hit run driver.  The hit and run driver was a water retentive soccer ‘mom’ with bad hair and two unattractive children on board – I hope she reads this and gets a serious case of the guilts or at least is completely crushed by the fact I said she has a really bad do!  Oddly, I cannot remember much about the pistol guy but bad hair…..well!!  And all of this takes an awful lot of your time and patience and sanity and time!!!!

Having said that, we have however finally found a home which we are very happy with in a nice subdivision.  And the house is somewhat swankier than the one I left behind in Gawler.  This isn’t a photo of the actual house we will be renting.  I didn’t put the real one up just in case – there are some really scary people out there who are quite clever and I thought they may find the house then sneak in and steal my camel lamp.  Stranger things have been know to happen although they usually include basements and duct tape!


The ‘doppelganger’ house.  Our home for the next three years. I just hope I don’t get too snobby living there….well I would if I were actually living in this house!

We won’t be able to move in until the new year…..again its the process!!!! but YIPEEEE  home at last.

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