Good morning 2023. How lovely to see you….. :)

It is the fifth week of summer and the start of a brand new year. After months of unseasonal rain and cool temperatures, the heat we know and love has finally hit South Australia with the mercury reaching the low 40’s. Up early, I watered my fruit trees which have survived two SA summers under siege of blistering heat and hot dry winds. This year, the trees flowered and tiny fruit has appeared in the shape of pears, sugar plums, blueberries, figs and pomegranates along with a trellis filled with thick skinned passionfruit.

This was a lovely morning of solitude, stillness and space. As the church bells pealed in the buttressed tower of our towns 165 year old church, a magnificent wedge-tail eagle began circling above my yard and that of my neighbour. On majestic wings, she glided between our homes and the wildlife corridor which runs parallel to us before finally being seen off by our resident, very brave little kestrel. What an amazingly privileged way to begin the day and a gentle reminder life is never dull……nor predictable!

After witnessing our kestrel and wedgetail, I thought of the year passed and the one ahead. No ‘new year’s resolutions’ again this year but an intent to continue to be kind, to have those around who deserve a seat at my table and to give 2023 all I got with as much optimism, love and hope as I can muster.

The start of 2023 looks like skies of pale washed denim, smells like hot dry wheat, tastes like fresh Queensland mangoes and feels like good omens and late afternoon ocean swims. Happy New Year…….x

4 thoughts on “Good morning 2023. How lovely to see you….. :)

    1. Hello dear friend 🙂 Thank you Lizzie, still miss our dear little cat but am so grateful for the memories and time we had with her. Sending love for an amazing new year to you and Dougie xxx

  1. Mum

    Well you know my technological dramas with anything remotely connected with my mobile phone and the latest hiccup with my email address.
    Anyway, suffice to say, I’m (hopefully) updating my email address now and will soon be able to again indulge myself with your sooo descriptive, informative and insightful musings.
    Having just read your first 2023 writing, my New Year wish for you is a peaceful mind, a relaxing break from time to time, fun adventures and happiness in your heart.
    Love you xxxx

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