Happy New Year…….please stay the f**k home!

It is almost a brand new year and as 2021 stands trembling in the wings, we will be at home indulging in an Old Fashioned…… or three.

This is a lovely cocktail. Not overly-complicated nor pretentious, yet graceful enough to celebrate with.

happy place

Nothing this year has been normal and the ending of 2020 will be no different. No tomfoolery, no hugging, no pash and dash (unless you get a contact number), no travel, no big crowds and no fire works. That’s just how it is so stay the f**k home.

Being apart does not mean we are not connected.  We will always find ways to stay connected.  Always.   We have all had our wings clipped, we have all grieved someone or something and we have all had bad days yet the weight of our grief is made more bearable in the recognition that although we have had empty bowls in front of us, we have also had the opportunity to fill them.

For me, the past few months and the past decade have been a gift regardless of what they served up. And holy cats that decade served up some shit! But for those who boldly and courageously show up despite all that has happened, you are rewarded. You do come back to life, the unbearable ache slowly eases, you begin to try again and you survive.  Things will come to you and they will come when they are good and ready.  It is all just a matter of patience and time. Just bide your time.

So as the curtain drops on the spectacularly weird and at times frightening and uncertain 2020, I send out much love, hope and optimism for 2021. Surround yourself with good people. People who are good and who are good for your soul. These are the ones who deserve a seat at your table. Be kind, courageous and gracious.  Be empathic and stand up when others tell you sit down.  Be proud and do the things which make your heart explode with joy and walk away from those and that which destroys your happiness. Most of all, please stay the fuck home…… 🙂 x

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year…….please stay the f**k home!

  1. Toonie Tones

    HELL YAAASSSSSS!!!! Heed the warnings peoples and STAY THE FUCK HOME!!! The sooner everyone does the right thing the sooner we will get out this!!! Oh, and the happiest of a new year to you ocean girl. May this be your bestest eva 😊😊

  2. Libby Davidson

    Beautifully said oceangirl63 and happy new year to you. Hope you are OK as your posts have been a little quiet and I always look forward to seeing them especially during these times of lock down, home schooling and spending more time at home. Take care. Let’s hope 2021 is a great year. Libby ❤

  3. Jen and Chris

    God yes. Stop being selfish and STAY HOME PLEASE. Its the only way to stop this virus in its tracks.

    Sending love and hope for 2021 back to you Ocean Girl x

  4. Mum

    A huge technicolour DITTO☺
    ….. and the new year will be happier for all if we simply spread lots of kindness, not the covid virus.
    Take care, stay safe and think goodess and Light for 2021.💚💛💜

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