And we’ll never be Royals……..

What odd times we live in at present.  Everything has slowed to almost a stop and life as we knew it has come to pass.  Although I miss some things, volunteer work, travel and just the ability to sit in my favorite espresso bar, I am relishing these quiet moments of isolation.  Time now is occupied star gazing, perfecting jenga moves, letting herbs go to seed and drying the tiny pods ready for re-planting next year, mixing gin for late evenings of Miles Davis, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and just simply being.

My home has never been cleaner which always makes me feel good.   Fire places scrubbed, furniture moved and re-arranged and small projects completed with new ones begun.

I am also preparing for the eventual renovation of the house.  There is an endless list and much work ahead but most of all, I am looking forward to the verandah being re-attached.   In anticipation, I have scoured the rust and flaking paint from lovely pieces of vintage cast iron furniture I have collected over the years, am in the process of repainting them and plants have been repotted.

The weather this time of year in South Australia is glorious.  After a summer of over exposed heat and raging bush fires, the cooler weather and bluer skies make for perfect gardening.  More beds have been added in the vegie patch, the soil enriched with compost and manure and seeds and seedlings sown for a winter crop.


A different variety of garlic this year


They may not be my beloved surf boards but shit is getting done

To the yard the bees, the bugs and birds have all returned along with the possums, micro bats, lizards and the occasional echidna.  That alone fills my heart.


For me, the garden and yard are a source of absolute bliss.  I love watching it change and grow and find it more self indulgent than self isolating when out there which brings me to this post on the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.


Endeavoring to write of these gardens, established in 1818 on the banks of the River Derwent, gives way to much hesitation.  I know I will find it difficult to put into words the graceful beauty I found amongst the almost 14 hectares of gardens.  Of how it was to sit on garden benches under perfectly blue Tasmanian skies.  Of how the scent of early spring blossom hung in the air and of how lovely the paths and grass were carpeted in the spent petals of Camellia and Magnolia.  Most problematic of all however, would be how to describe to you the utter joy and winsomeness I found whilst skulking around the affectionately named Pete’s Patch.  


The grounds are sectioned off and hold just over 6,500 species of native and exotic plants. We strolled around and through most.


The Resilient Garden


The Conservatory



The Herb Garden


The Tasmanian Community Food Garden – Pete’s Patch


It is unfortunate, but I cannot write kindly of our experience of Succulent, the gardens’ restaurant.  On the day we were there, it was disappointing to a fault and we were not the only ones dispirited!  It was really poor yet I understand since our visit, the restaurant closed and re-opened under new management.  To be fair, when I return to the gardens I will give them another try.

Enjoying more of the gardens……..




Farewell Tasmania………..thanks for coming Mum x

Would I like my little patch to be like that of a Royal Botanical Garden.  The answer simply is no.  It will never be royal but I like how my garden is evolving with the leniency of secateurs and pruning sheers.

Change, whether it be the garden or these very odd times is forever upon us.  It is all just a matter of time and patience.  Enjoy these days of living a slower pace, don’t complicate things, don’t complain, don’t hoard and be kind.  Its really not that hard……x

3 thoughts on “And we’ll never be Royals……..

  1. Mum

    I absolutely adored and savoured every moment of our Tasmanian trip and especially having you as my tour guide, not to mention being the best travel companion anyone could wish for. We had so many laughs, enjoyed so much delicious food and wine and saw so many wonderful places. I loved every moment and I thank you for inviting me to see this amazing state through your eyes.😘🤗🦋🌸

    1. It was a great trip and as much as I tend to wander in solitude when away, it was lovely to share these experiences with my Tassie travel companion. I am just glad you enjoyed the time away and had the opportunity to experience the wonder of Tasmania xx

  2. Angelica Dawson

    A lovely read regarding our gardens although I was very sorry to read of your experience at Succulent. We, along with friends are regular patrons and we also commented on the drop in the usually high standard along with hearing the grumblings from other visitors. Unfortunately when you visited, the restaurant was undergoing many changes, managerial and wait/kitchen staff primarily. It was however, encouraging to read you are willing to return and I can assure you the next visit will be far better. Thank you.

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