Street Art Darwin Style…….

Fernweh is a lovely German word which literally translates to far sickness.   Perhaps it is akin to an ache for distance lands and I think I may have suffered a bout of fernweh after I returned from the Northern Territory…….

If you never, never go – Part III

I am rather prone to a little solitude from time to time and while in Darwin, it was no different.  Early mornings, before the tropical heat really set in, I walked the quite streets.  Its a good time to be out and about in Darwin as there is very little in the way of foot traffic or tourists.

It was also a good time to get a double shot espresso iced coffee, a chocolate croissant, to get a little lost and to find some amazing top end street art…….


I have a fascination for street art and there is a self-guided art walk available in Darwin.  I however, prefer to just skulk the streets and happen upon these wonderful images for myself.


I love the artistic expression in street and graffiti art.  The animated, the creative and the very colourful.  I love how interactive it is in that you can touch it and photograph it.  I love that it changes with the weather or an artist’s whim.  That it spills into the world from dark alleyways and underpasses, reinvigorates tired buildings and wall and I love how it is so vibrantly beautiful to those of us who appreciate it.


Some of the works I saw were massive in that they encompassed several stories of a building or the entire wall of a car park.  These enormous pieces are impossible to miss yet others were found whilst skulking around the winding back lanes and alleyways, on smaller walls and door and although some were simply a stencil, they were all equally impressive.

A snapshot of some I found.  Enjoy………



The cover of the book says – ‘A child who reads is an adult who thinks’ and ‘The world belongs to those who read’…….



How could you not love these amazing outdoor galleries…….


Brightening up public housing…….


No doubt about it, I am catching this blog up.  The longest surviving inhabitants of the top end coming soon……..x




6 thoughts on “Street Art Darwin Style…….

  1. M

    Awe inspiring, beautiful and so creative! Talent certainly abounds in the Top End. Thank you for the visual tour, – you find the best places.

    1. There are so many creative and very talented folk in the top end from the small bespoke stall holder to those who create these massive works of art. So much to see and appreciate…..

    1. Most of this art work is right in the heart of Darwin’s CBD Amber and it was all easily accessible on foot. I found these works over a couple of days by just going in a different direction each morning when I took a walk through the quiet streets. Some of it is found easily as they are on main thoroughfares and some I happily stumbled across in back lanes and alleyways. There are also maps available which pin point all of the art work and what I found, was the mere ‘tip of the ice-berg’ in terms of street art…….

  2. Keith Rooney

    Good to see you still have the travel bug, it’s always good to experience other people & cultures.
    Just back from Germany a couple of days ago, there are lots of great German words when you learn what they mean . One of my new favourites is BIERGARTEN. Brost!!!

    1. Hello there Keithie. As with you, I hope never to shake the travel bug. So glad to read of your trip to Germany and that you so easily picked up the local lingo 🙂 🙂 I so miss that we no longer work together in Newcastle as I would have loved to hear the stories of your trip over a dirty chai…… or three 🙂

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