‘Gimme a Bullet’……….

I am sitting in the lovely Spring sunshine tapping away at the key board in the company of the little cat while listening to some old AC/DC tracks.  And by old, I mean tracks that originally came out on vinyl in the 70’s kids.

I guess everyone has a song which connects them, defines a moment in their life or makes them a fan of a band and this particular AC/DC song ‘Gimme a Bullet’ from the Powerage album of 1978 is that for me.  It will be on the soundtrack of my life……well pretty much anything from the early days of AC/DC with Bon Scott on lead vocals would make it as these songs forge moments of happiness, nostalgia and a juncture of rock-chickiness.

Image result for highway to hell album covers

My favorite AC/DC album cover…..

My lovely morning also began with an early surf.  Although I have two really great boards and a nipper board I decided to take my old and rather battered boogie board out for a run.  I had forgotten how much fun this little board is but I did initially take a couple of pretty good nose dives until I got back into the swing of it.  Slight compression mark to my board and major dent to my ego 🙂


While out in that glorious surf I let my mind wander and it led to my blog.  You see I have a little niggling issue with it and that is, I have posts sitting on the back-burner.  These posts are ones to be written about the countries and places we visited during our return home to Australia from the USA.

I have let these stories stagnate without offering them their rightful and very deserving place on my blog.  I find as time passes my memories of these places have not faded.  There were far too many immense, far too many lovely and far too many majestic happenings not write about them.  All of these places, the adventures and the memories such as the incredible beauty of Prince William Sound, the cat voted Mayor of a township, spam – the spiced meat in a can variety not the unsolicited internet type, the velvety antler of the moose and how to slurp soba noodles in a dingy Tokyo café all deserve acknowledgement.

I guess sometimes you just have to make that leap.  It will not be an easy place to re-visit given it moved us into the shadow of grief and despair but there comes a time where you have to just jump right on in.  And when you take that mighty leap, jump with all your heart and whether you stick your landing or not it doesn’t matter a dot.

I could not help but wonder too that in writing the next lot of posts it will beget that which is so often lost in social media.  I know when used for all the right reasons that social media can be an impressive tool.  It can highlight injustice, it can jolt the social conscience, hope can vanquish pessimism and it has the power to make the world fall in love with something all of which, are not so bad in my book.

I can say too that 18 months on and a minor weight has lifted.  Life after all, continues on.  Grief can be a terrible place to find yourself but it doesn’t mean you have to live there forever.  The past can never be changed or erased and what happens….well that just happens.  So until my next post I hope you spend a little time doing that which nourishes your soul and brings you joy.

Be mindful, be grateful and be kind.  Happy days all………xx




6 thoughts on “‘Gimme a Bullet’……….

    1. Thank you Heather. I have quite a bit to work through so there will be a few travel posts coming up including Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, Chicago and Seattle. Should keep me occupied for a couple of months 🙂 Have a great day x

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