The first day of Spring and the earth sighs with beauty…….

The eternal enchantment of Spring is finally here after a rather cold winter.  For good reason this lovely seasonal change, akin to natures renaissance, is universally admired by so many.  It is almost like a promise of beautiful things to come such as ducklings and sun-showers, spring fevers and fragrant blooms.  It is also toward the end of Spring when the whales will return.

Everything with Spring seems lighter, brighter and more lovely.  Jeans and heavy coats, woolen jumpers and knitted scarves have all been relegated to the back of the wardrobe and my light and pretty vintage dresses have once again taken their rightful place toward the front.


The sun is shining a little more warmly, the skies are lapis blue, buds will burst into colour and the birds are happy with song.  This really is about rejuvenation, renewal and new beginnings.

Happy Spring everyone……..xx



6 thoughts on “The first day of Spring and the earth sighs with beauty…….

  1. Thank you Suvi. Our summer is just around the corner too but I hope the weather in your little part of the world is treating you kindly in that you are able to enjoy some lovely moments of sailing x

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