A Final Snapshot…….

A final snapshot of Kuala Lumpur……

May was hot and humid, as the weather tends to be year round.  The heat can be stifling and it builds throughout the day before releasing with stunning afternoon rain storms.  These storms shape lovely afternoon skies before the rains come to cool it all down…….just a little anyway.  Do be brave and walk in these rain storms without an umbrella.  They are so lovely, they will just about cure any ailment.


Malaysia is such a such a peaceful and respectful place with mosques next to churches next to temples next to beautiful colonial and art deco buildings next to religious icons next to modern sky-scrapers next to rustic and charming markets next to deities next to just about anything.  The people are happy, hard-working and welcoming…..and they smile.  A lot!  I guess for me, it is their genuine modesty and sweetness which is most endearing when so very often goodness and kindness has become rare.



All seems quite right with the world when an eagle soars daily above a city skyline……….



Public transport in KL is great!  It is clean, inexpensive, easy to understand and it is reliable.   Grab a ‘touch and go’ card and just go….on the light rail, monorail and KTM Komuter rail.  Apart from that, simply walk!

Right in the heart of KL is the Bakit Nanas Forest Reserve, one of the oldest original forest reserves and one of the only remaining tropical rainforests in KL. You will find butterflies, birds, bugs, pythons, monitor lizards and monkeys plus 110 year old Jelutong trees along with the KL tower, the fifth tallest telecommunications tower in the world.  What was most lovely while ‘lost’ in this forest was hearing the ‘call to prayer’.  This beautiful melodious sound echoed throughout the forest and its surrounds and it was a blessed moment to stand on the canopy walk and watch the worshipers kneel and  touch their heads in almost perfect unison to the ground while praying together.


The stunning monkey filled limestone cavern of the Hindu Shrine, The Batu Caves.  After 272 stairs straight up your legs and heart will know it but it is worth ever moment to climb to the top…..



Followers of my blog will know of my love for pre-loved and vintage clothing and I very happily picked up a ‘baju bundle’ which is some second hand (pre-loved) clothing while in KL.  With a little patience and a keen eye…okay, and a pair of disposable gloves, you will find something quite wonderful among the jumbles of clothing.  How perfectly lovely……

Before heading off to Malaysia I was suffering with a bout of hay-fever but in this smog filled city I was absolutely fine.  Not a single sniffle, sneeze or snuffle.  My hay-fever completely disappeared.  Carbon monoxide it would seem, very clearly agrees with me 🙂


At times travel can be devoid of comfort and it doesn’t smell good and you may experience things that will challenge you, sadden you and confront you.  For me, these are sights of animals suffering or of inhumanity but in all that, there will be so many things which will dare you to risk, render you grateful, elate you and change you for the better.

The road less travelled is always the most enjoyable journey.  It is my preferred option and as with any adventure, there is no going back for you are headed in the direction you are truly meant to be travelling ……..xx

8 thoughts on “A Final Snapshot…….

  1. So lovely to see your shots of KL. They make me homesick although the KL I know was quite different from what it is these days. I have to say that Batu Caves is one of my least fave places. I was traumatized by those monkeys as a child!!! :O

    1. What a lovely compliment….thank you Suvi. I have to say I was a little unsure of the whole ‘monkey business’ at the caves. I also had a terrible encounter with a monkey (over 20 years ago in Bali) and I have not been much of a fan of them since. I am happy to report these monkeys were a little better behaved 🙂 They were quite endearing so although I still have reservations about them, my heart has warmed a little more toward them….x

  2. Melissa Cable

    WOW. Thank u for the 4 write ups about malaysia. I was there years ago but I didn’t like it. I hated it infact but now seeing it from another point of view makes me think about why I didn’t like it so much and I am rethinking about my time there. Maybe is wasn’t such a bad place after all. Your photos are really great and I like reading your stuff and the one about the parrot and the fortune teller had me in stitches at the end. Everything you put reads like a story. Thanks. Melissa C.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment Melissa. We all ‘see’ the world very differently and I only write of my own experiences, thoughts and encounters……which is often quite different to someone else’s experience or interpretation of a place or time. That you didn’t enjoy Malaysia is perfectly okay because that is how you saw it at that time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Take care x

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