Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part I…..

Just as the temperatures dropped in Newcastle and winter sounded its arrival we boarded a flight for a little down time in sultry Malaysia.  There really is nothing like stunningly beautiful skyscrapers, six lane highways, markets of freshly cut pigs heads to durian,  steamy equatorial jungles, elegant colonial buildings and religious beauty to allow you to see how truly fortunate you are to just be…….

At present, it is the very early hours of the morning and I cannot sleep.  I am listening, even 20 stories up, to the traffic and noise of this wonderful city and I am watching the lights of the buildings blink and sparkle.  There is no doubt my insomnia has been fueled by the many iced coffees I have indulged in since being here a mere 24 hours.  I love Asian iced coffee.  There is nothing on earth like the taste of intensely brewed coffee, thick sweetened condensed milk and ice!  It is a rich, bold and wonderful mix and I always tend to over indulge in them when in Asia.  Detox will surely be required once I hit home soil but I regret nothing 🙂

I tend to do a lot when I am travelling.  Life is short and I never want to miss a moment of it (which may also explain my need for little sleep) so I will be posting several blogs about Malaysia while here.  I do love this country.  I have been to many parts of Asia but there is something quite wonderful about the beauty, color and vibrancy of this one city.  KL as it is fondly called, is a place that will bury itself into your veins.  You will see things that will make you heart glad and to be among the kind, happy and beautiful Malay people is a blessing beyond all else.  They really are amongst the most friendly, warm and genial of folk.

Once out of the doors of the hotel, the whole world just opens up to you.  And do get your walking shoes on because that is the only way to truly experience this city and here is a snap-shot of my first few hours in KL:



A stunningly beautiful and powerful symbol of modern Malaysia is the Petronas Towers.  The steel and glass wrapped twin towers have an Art Deco feel with a lovely Islamic influence.   The unusual design is based on an 8 pointed star, the number 8 being an auspicious number for the Chinese. I see this impressively beautiful  building almost every moment of the day and night and it continues to take my breath away.



I don’t believe I could ever be happy with a sedentary life because I will always believe that being in wonderful and amazing places such as this will ruin you for the ordinariness of a life…..xx

6 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part I…..

  1. Lucien

    Man!! So love the photos and love the write up. You really are my number one travel agent oceangirl. This is fantastic 🙂 🙂

  2. The Selfie Queen

    OMG! SERIOUSLY OMG!! Love, love, love this and the pics are so amazing. Haven’t been to KL but want to go right NOW!

  3. Jen

    Your photos are always so beautiful. You have an ‘eye’ to capture the perfect moment. I am very much looking forward to seeing more of the world through your lens.

  4. Thank you all for your inspiring and lovely comments. KL is wonderful. It is always so much easier to write about somewhere that you enjoy. The photo opportunities are endless, infinite and amazing too. Beauty is all around xx

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