Last Road Trip In America. Florida Part I……

In the last week before heading back to Australia, I completed my final road trip in America.  Whilst driving in the big sky country that is the US, I was feeling a little sad and somewhat sentimental however I realized the great fortune I had been blessed with in all of the wonderful experiences and opportunities I have had.

On this my final road trip, I was headed to Florida.   The main purpose for my road trip was to swim with the Manatee (next blog post) however as I left Warner Robins behind in the rear view mirror, I thought about the beauty of infinite possibilities which lay ahead.

The rural road stretched out in front of me taking me past freshly cut cotton fields and long abandoned pecan orchards.  It was a trip of old barns, deserted gas stations, bridges, the Suwannee River, swamps, river basins, the panhandle, the ocean and of sunshine.


As I was travelling alone, I did wonder when I first came back to America, if my travel would evoke the same warmth and wonderment of the trips I have done previously.  And the answer to that……well, it was a resounding YES!  I don’t think any of us should ever be afraid to go it alone and where ever your journey takes you, you should truly go with all of your heart.  I think too that solo travel can, to a certain extent, make you a little more courageous and the best gift you can always offer yourself is bravery in the wonderment of adventure.


My journey this time ended at the Gulf of Mexico.  I watched the sea birds, marveled at the expanse of sea stretched out in front of me, swam and dived then I sat on the sand to dry myself in the pale winter sun of Florida.  I drew sailing boats, hearts and sea horses and I wrote messages on the shoreline.  Nostalgia is free so with the fragile sand of the gulf threatening to be difficult I built a ‘sandcastle’…….just because I could.  I shaped an alligator simply because it was different and I always believe there is absolutely nothing wrong in ever being your unusual and unique self.






What a wonderful gift it is to travel and for me, there is nothing more wondrous than to find a road that ends at the ocean.   I guess we all have our oceans to swim, but it will be our ability to find our beauty of courage which will enable us to do so.  Running up against the sharp edges of life and the painful events, although heartbreaking at times, are worthwhile in end and to take on that big ocean and swimming the hell out of it will sustain and sooth those with gentle souls always….. xx


 The Gulf of Mexico…..

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