As one story ends, another story begins………

Hello……remember me?  Yes, I know.  I said I would write.  Actually, I do believe I promised I would write at least once a week.  My intentions were good and I must say, very honorable in the beginning.  I really didn’t miss a week….then, I fell off the planet!  I could use the old line ‘its not me, its you’  but that’s not entirely true.  I do however, in my defence, have a very reasonable excuse for the errant neglect of my blog.

Where do I being.  Well, I will start with the fact that an awful lot has happened and a lot of awful has happened too over the past few months.  There is so much to tell you so I am going to give it a red hot go to catch the blog up.  I thought I would write the past events as though in the present and eventually the blog will run full circle.

Firstly though, I will give you an update of recent events.  Gus, our beautiful and gentle companion of just over 12 years has passed away unexpectedly.   It has been one of the most heartbreaking of events and we are saddened beyond measure and to be very honest, we cried our eyes out over his loss.  Now, it would be safe to say that not all people are ‘cat people’.  Why!  I have no idea because I love cats (oh….and ducks).  I always have.  In fact, I love cats (and ducks) as much as it is sanely possible to do so.  My first cat was a big fat old tomcat with one eye, part of a tail (I have no idea what happened to the rest of it) and he had a good chunk of one of his ears missing. Stumpy was my grandparents cat but I loved his big mug (that’s Australian slang for face).  The thing was, I saw Stumpy as a beautiful cat (even though others didn’t) because to me, that’s what he was.  Sure, he wasn’t the cutest of cats but he had a big heart and he was lovely and when you have that, you pretty much have everything.  Having affection for a cat (or any animal really) is a huge thing in the world of a child and sometimes, that can be their absolute everything.  Children always seem to see the world and those in it more innocently.  They don’t look for fault in others or condemnation.  Adults are far more critical and will always look to see failings and imperfections.  Maybe its time to all be a little kinder to ourselves…….. and to one another!

I don’t understand how others don’t feel the same way about cats and I am always wary of those who do not like cats.  I also believe the poor old cat gets quite a bad rap.  People label cats as aloof which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If a cat doesn’t like you then it really says more about you than it does the cat!  They are very good judges of character.  They are often demonized too with regards to environmental issues.  Again, certainly not the fault of the cat.  Golden rules for caring for a cat: 1) Keep your cat indoors! and 2) Have your cat desexed!  Simple….. one would think!   I have however, heard all of the excuses for why your cat can’t possibly stay inside and frankly your excuses are just horse shit!  I think we cat lovers have all had to listen to a mouth – usually resemblant of a cat’s arse, which is ironic to say the least – complain (or stupidly boast in some cases) how ‘it’s impossible to keep ……..(insert cats name) inside’.  Its not impossible.  Your just being a very irresponsible and reckless ‘guardian’!  And of course lets not forget how the poor cat is much maligned as being manipulative and cunning.  ‘Don’t meddle in the affairs of cats’ said Bruce Graham ‘they will piss on your computer’.  They won’t pee on your computer Bruce. Cats are far too intelligent to let you know how they have exacted their revenge on you.  And having said that, I think I could safely state that I have known and unfortunately have had the ‘pleasure’ (not!!) of dealing with more devious, conniving and nasty people.  Never have I found that trait in the caution of a beautiful cat.

Anyway back to dear Gus who had a thick double coat that continually shed so wherever I have been in the world, a little piece of him has always been with me.  He could be a bit of a dag (and that’s not the dried piece of faeces hanging from the rear end of sheep either) yet handsomely regal in his own British Shorthair way.  He loved a rub under the chin, chicken breast – fresh not cooked, he was particularly fond of the lap area and especially so if you were wearing a dark color and he loved sleeping.   Gus loved a game and even though he was large and slightly un-coordination he was quite spry.  He could purr like a ‘Massey Ferguson’ when content (which was most of time) and I remember his lovely face by heart.  He was social and friendly and without sounding too eccentric, Gus and I would sit and hold conversations…both knowing exactly what each other was saying.  I have always loved the quote by Mark Twain when he said ‘If animals could speak the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much’ which is very true Gus not only spoke with his lovely voice but with his big beautiful luminous eyes that always reminded me of polished amber.  He was gentle and affectionate, he was there for some of the worst of times and some of the best and he could, to his credit, do the biggest cat poo in history, usually just as someone was arriving at our home.  Timing they say, is everything.

But most importantly, Gus gave from the absolute moment of meeting him until our very sad goodbye, unwavering and unconditional love, joy and companionship.  And you see, that’s the thing.  Neither Gus nor our other little cat Zoe are pets.  They are so much more.  They are our beautiful and very dear companions and saying goodbye to him has been one of the hardest things in world to do……..


So, stay with me as we travel this new adventure together and I promise I will never be more than a week of writing away xxx

“Until one has loved an animal,  part of one’s soul remains unawakened”…….Anatole France (and Kym Milne)

10 thoughts on “As one story ends, another story begins………

  1. Bella Bean

    Aww, that was such a lovely post about your Gus cat. What kind of cat was he? I loved the quote at the end too. It is so true.

    1. Hi Bella Bean, thank you. A difficult post to write given how much we loved Gus and how much we still miss him. Gus was a British Shorthair btw. Quite a large cat but a very gentle soul. I too love that quote by Anatole France. I think it sums everything up perfectly x

  2. Leonard the lion heat

    Baaahaaahaa That is way true about people and cats. You called it like it is that the dumb asses are the ones who don’t look after their cats and leave them outside. Keep the blog coming its good.

  3. Hi Leonard, thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I feel the same way about irresponsible cat owners!! Grrrr!! Unfortunately all too often it is the poor cat that suffers the consequences of their owners careless and irresponsible actions. And yes, the blog will definitely keep coming x

  4. Karla D.

    “What greater gift than the love of a cat” I read that somewhere and I love it. Hope it helps you heal with the loss of your beautiful cat. Blessings an’ love, Karla

  5. Thank you Karla, your kinds words are so appreciated. I think the quote is from Charles Dickens and it too is a one that I love. There are so many lovely quotes about cats and they usually sum up the love and soul of a cat perfectly x

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