The Happiest 5k on the Planet…….

The ‘Color Run’, also known as the ‘Happiest 5km Run on the Planet’ is a wonderful and unique paint run which celebrates and promotes happiness, joy and individuality.  It is really less about the run but more about having the absolute time of your life……and I certainly did that in the company of five of the best (and most fun) people I know (two Canadians and three Brits).


The run rules are very simple:

  • Begin the race wearing white
  • End the race splattered in every color of the rainbow

The color run was brilliant and just so much fun.  Everyone you saw pounding the course looked happy and cheerful plus there are the very happy and enthusiastic color throwers along the way who are only to eager to douse you from head to toe in color.  By the end of the race you look and feel as though you have run through an extraordinary  rainbow.

The beautiful Maggie organized t-shirts for us both.  Mine a kangaroo and hers a maple leaf.


Let the fun begin…..


Before – clean and shiny

10421365_10155436025045263_3330008512128779070_n[1] 11156332_10155436026060263_1599508495423517449_n[1]


10942415_10155436029495263_2347454380666586293_n[1] 11013477_10155436029735263_9150169332753464098_n[1] 11136732_10155436027530263_1140841784629050367_n[1] 16522_10155436031045263_3624956127639816494_n[1] 10441093_10155436026335263_3323732844405162812_n[1]


We are already planning our next color run which is due to be held in six months time.  We will all be wearing white tutu’s and white tee’s and just quietly, I think Jon is the one most pleased about our up and coming race outfits xx

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