Boston Massachusetts – Part I

Beautiful Boston.  Located on the northeast Atlantic coast on Massachusetts Bay, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US.  Walk the cobblestone lanes and you will find beautiful neighborhoods, colonial architecture , wonderful restaurants and a rich and fascinating history.

This is the city of:  The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s midnight ride, Cheers, cannoli’s, markets, amazing seafood, the Freedom Trail, great micro-breweries and Sam Adams beer, lobster rolls, the Red Sox, Fenway Ballpark, clam chowder, Harvard, lobster bisque,  infamously confusing streets, swan boats, Dunkin Donuts and Boston Cream Pies.  Boston is not however, known for the Boston Bun (which is a natty little Australian invention).

Boston has a bit of a familiar feel to it.  I’m not sure, but perhaps that familiarity came from watching years of Cheers.

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We visited Boston over the past long weekend and it was COLD!!  Bitterly, icy cold.  It had snowed prior to our arrival so there was frost, ice and slippery conditions afoot and the bay was frozen!!  I don’t think I have ever been so cold in all of my life however the experience of  being in this uber wonderful city, which smells of oysters and fresh lemons, more than made up for it.  It would also be safe to say that if you don’t like seafood, especially oysters or really anything that comes in a shell, then Boston perhaps may not be the place for you.  Boston is chock full of oyster houses and seafood restaurants.  We had some wonderful meals in Boston and my top three, from the many we dined at, I will very happily recommend.  In no particular order:

‘Yankee Lobster Eatery’.   A fab but non-flashy little place located at 300 Northern Avenue.  Boston is famous for their lobster rolls so be prepared to eat the best one right here.  Their fish and chips and fish stew were also excellent.

20150118_170647  20150118_174317‘Walrus & Carpenter Oyster Bar’ – located right in the heart of Boston at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  If you are lucky enough, grab a seat at their little bar.  Chow down on some of the best clam chowder, the freshest oysters and do also try the littlenecks (clams) steamed in Saki!!  Delish!!  Local beer also on tap.

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Another excellent place, referred to us by a Canadian friend, is ‘Legal Seafoods’.   Overlooking the beautiful bay, this is a great place to sit, indulge in a cocktail and enjoy great seafood.

20150118_183706        20150118_180127

Ipswich Oysters!!!  Perhaps not from Queensland though……



20150117_201854 20150117_204630


‘Union Oyster House’ – the oldest restaurant in continual use and service in  America and established in 1826

It is easy to see why Boston has over 12 million visitors annually to its shores.  It is a beautiful city.   The stunning modern architecture has been beautifully mixed with older buildings, most constructed over a period of almost three centuries.  Blend that with the incredible history of the area and Boston makes for the perfect travel destination.

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Boston you had me at lobster roll xx

Part II to follow………..

2 thoughts on “Boston Massachusetts – Part I

  1. mum xoxo

    Do they play the ‘Cheers’ theme song when you walk in? :). Wow, Boston looks like a great place, but just as well you visited the weekend you did, otherwise you may have been making a Boston snowman :). Cheers and of course, hugs xoxo

  2. Boston was really beautiful and yes, I think we timed our trip perfectly as the weather is quite horrendous up there at present. I was cold then, so I cannot image what it must be like now. Does frost bite strengthen character…..perhaps not! 😉 No theme when you arrive at Cheers. Probably just as well and the bar tender didn’t know my name. I did ask and ironically he didn’t get the joke but he did say he loved my accent. I don’t have an accent!! He called me Aussie…..actually Ossie! so I guess in a way he did know my name xx

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