It’s all relative……….

Oh dear!  The productivity level on the blog has been a little lower than usual so my apologies for my lack of attention.  In my defense however, it has just been an extraordinarily busy time for me.  Within two hours of arriving back from Panama City Beach in Florida I was eating Tim Tams, Mint Slice and Freddo Frogs.  I had no choice in the matter!  Morally, I am duty bound as an Australian girl to do so and the above three things are items I have certainly missed since leaving Australia.  Ditto on vegemite too!

After all that, it was then onto Savannah, Papa Buck’s BBQ just off the interstate 16, a visit to Stone Mountain, hanging out in a Dublin boot store, going to a classic car auction, a day at the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration, 18 rounds of mini golf, cocktails etc. etc. etc.

And all that plus more, was packed into a ten day time period.  Why!  Well we had family all the way from Australia visiting.  Mum and Rob arrived from down under to spend some time with us in sunny downtown Warner Robins, Georgia – home to a sea of chain restaurants and all-you-can-eat buffets, two Wal-Mart stores (and yes, as Mum and Rob discovered, the ‘ethereal’ Walmartians really do exist!!), Robins Air Force Base, pecan orchards and cotton fields.

The visit……. 

Stone Mountain:  This is one of Georgia’s most visited attractions.  It is also one of the largest exposed masses of granite in the world.  Native American Indians originally used this mountain and its surroundings as their meeting and ceremonial place.  Now, it has become a major tourist attraction due to the massive ‘Confederate Memorial’ which is carved into the side of the rock.  During our time at Stone Mountain we rode the Summit Skyride to the very top of the mountain, travelled the scenic railway, saw the amazing laser light show in the evening and Mum and Rob got to see their first glimpse of a couple of very cheeky raccoons – little bandits who sleep during the day and play (up) at night.

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134 Tourists


Ditto 🙂  




 Classic Car Auction:  most of the cars at the auction came with an attached sign which read – *runs and drives*!  Well frankly, so do most of my friends!!


Savannah:  Just a beautiful part of the world!

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Ocmulgee Indian Celebrations:   Each September, the southeast of Georgia becomes the largest gathering of Native Americans.  This amazing celebration is a joyous sharing of culture, dance, storytelling, singing and history.  If you are ever in Georgia around the third weekend in September then I can very highly recommend this festival to you.

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477   487

More random photos from the visit:

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IMG_0023   146

166  405

And you know, that’s the funny thing about family.  Sometimes you love them and sometimes you don’t.   Sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes the ones who you think should be the closest and kindest to you make you absolutely miserable.  But be they the blood you are born into or if you are lucky enough, the family you make for yourself, they will always be significant in your amazing life.

Thank you both for a lovely visit and thank you again for the incredible stash of Aussie goodies (which also included ‘snakes’…..Allen’s, not the live scaly kind) you managed to bring over with you.

And just like the demise of this fabulous crab………. that’s all folks  xx


8 thoughts on “It’s all relative……….

  1. Megan

    Wow! Your comment about family is so true and so heartfelt. There was such loveliness in the post. Belonging is what matters so thank you for reminding me ocean girl (going to call my mom now) 🙂

  2. Hi again Megan. Thank you once again for your kind words on the blog. I liked that you saw ‘belonging’ in the post and I think beyond all else, everyone has that heartfelt need to confirm their worth and place…….and you have just reminded me of that :). Hope your mum is good x

  3. Jack the Lad

    It only took about 200 requests for a pic of you then kapow!!! you post 2 in 1 go. now we have covered that its back to what the 63 stands for??? Ben said it was for your age lol but that can be ruled out now. Kat says hey and dont worry about the French guy now because she is dating. Office pool on how long it will last haha!! Thanks for posting oceanbaby. you are not what we (I) expected and that’s in a really good way. Still admiring, later.

    1. mum xoxo

      Hey Jack the Lad … you will agree that it is one of the most difficult tasks in the world to convince the girl that we need to see more of her pics included in her blogs :). …. and yes, she’s the one with the long black hair. Her mum 🙂

  4. mum xoxo

    Hi Bid,
    Just so special to be able to spend time with you. My days with you at Warner Robins and surrounds were my happy times. It’s no wonder you are so loved by all the people I met, you are a pretty amazing person, you know!.
    Thank you for being a fantastic tour director …. and my expert guide to excellent shopping, (Wow! that shopping! 🙂 ), not to mention top mixer of fun drinks, finder of good food and best mimic of all time. Now just remember …. Keep calm and shoot straight ;).
    Don’t you just love the South. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the happy greetings of ‘Hi y’all’ 🙂
    Heaps of love and huge hugs… Mum xoxo

  5. Hello Jack, so nice to hear from you again and yes it is me with the dark hair. Glad you weren’t too disappointed with the photo….. and shame on you if you were. Please note too that there are several photos on the blog of women with dark hair and it has not been stated whether my said dark hair holds a feather or not! Okay it doesn’t.

    Now in answer to your unrelenting question of the number 63 (which does hold considerable significance for me). 63 being the number men who have rejected me. 63 being the number of cats who currently reside in my home. 63 being the tonnes of kitty litter currently stored in my garage. 63 being the number of Hulk Hogan wrestling dolls I have collected. Hope that clears that up. Have a great weekend in sunny downtown Seattle 🙂

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