Its a wide open road (part II)…….The Great Smoky Mountains

It is said the mighty Cherokee Indians fell in love with these beautiful mountain ranges and it is easy to see why.

The mist shrouded Great Smoky Mountains showcase some of the most stunning American wilderness around.  These mountains are also some of the oldest on earth and are more than 800 square miles in land mass.

You can appreciate the wondrous beauty of the Smoky Mountains from the comfort of your car or you can hike the trails and breath in the full splendor of this remarkable part of the world.  We hiked a trail in the mountains for just over 4 hours to the Rainbow Falls.  This is a waterfall where on certain days, when the mist is perfectly positioned, a rainbow is produced.  It was an incredible adventure and one I would happily do again. We also travelled on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.  This is a twisting turning road which loops through some of the most gorgeous and pristine forests the Smoky Mountains have to offer.

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During our time in the Mountains we saw an elk and her baby in a picture postcard wildflower meadow, a black bear with her two cubs, butterflies, bird life, waterfalls, rocky streams, huge mossy granite boulders, deer and wild turkeys all among the back drop of these beautiful mountains.

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The elk and her baby…one of the most treasured of moments and one I will always remember

Travel……its just you and a wondrous wide world out there xx

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