Nothing says ‘Cocktails’ like a man in a tuxedo…..


It’s been a very hectic week but a really good kind of hectic.  We hosted a ‘Cocktails & Canapés Housewarming Party’ this past weekend.   It was a wonderful night and we thank our good new friends who bought warmth and happiness into our home in Georgia USA.  Because of their friendship our night was far more memorable than we could have imagined.

We had perfect weather.  A warm spring day followed by an even lovelier spring night.  We served our cocktails – Mojitos,  Mai Tai’s and Cosmopolitan’s in Mason jars along with non alcoholic ‘Shirley Temple’s’ to fifty plus guests.  Canapés along with some classic southern food such as pulled pork and slaw, dirty Cajun rice, corn bread, baby mac and cheese, sticky fingers pork etc etc etc. was served up along side desserts of salted caramel turtle, orange fluff, pies and cheesecakes to name a few.

Although I was a little too busy to use my camera we did end up with over 200 photos (courtesy of a 2 hour photo booth) so here is just a tiny selection…….


How ‘rock n roll’ is this wonderful man and his beautiful wife






Just a couple of normal ones now…..



The gorgeous Bridgette and some of her many admirers




Sometimes a house just needs the kindness of good friends to finally make it a home.

7 thoughts on “Nothing says ‘Cocktails’ like a man in a tuxedo…..

  1. Hello there G lovely to hear from you. Well, I think I was the belle of something by the end of a very long night. I know I will certainly have perfected my cocktail skills by the time you come over…..any requests?? xx

    1. I’ve been a stalker here lately. Plenty of looks, little comment, so I thought I’d better tap a few keys.. Mojitos are perfect for me. The ideal way to watch the sunset at end of day. I hope mint is in season.

      1. Well, I’m so glad you decided to hit the keys and good choice with Mojitos, they seemed very popular on the night too although I will practice a couple of other recipes such as Manhattan’s or Old Fashions and no doubt the Mint Julep (given we are in the South) so we can have a different one each night x

  2. mum xoxo

    ‘Scuse me, just interrupting for a minute to put in my cocktail order 🙂 Ummmm…. oh dear! decisions, decisions! 🙂 I think I shall have one mint julep and one manhattan. Oh, and maybe one of whatever else you are practising your skills on :0.
    ….. and …. as Bing and Frank sang, “What a great party it was!” . I can see you all had the best time… you are certainly ‘the hostess with the mostess!’
    Huge hugs… Mum xoxo

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