More random photographs from the previous road trip……..

 During the last road trip (please see previous blog re: beware pickpockets & loose women) we once again travelled off the major interstates and took the back roads and byways through old towns.   Yes, this type of travel does add considerable mileage and time to a trip however it is in this little world of old towns you will experience the sometimes forgotten USA, the quirky USA and the unique USA.

My advice would be to plan the trip to accommodate the extra time needed to do this.  It gives you a chance to enjoy the journey more and focus less on the destination.  019



And we did……

055  272 297 320  424 435 436 446 447  462 477






473 474 124 452 095 028

051  467

As I post these blogs I remember small things which may be of assistance to other travellers.  In a previous blog (questions and answers) I wrote about taxes in America.   Well, here is another small tip which I have just remembered:  when you book your hotel room, the price will show for example $150 US per night however that price does not include further taxes such as sales tax, room tax, occupier tax, hotelier tax plus there may also be a parking tax.  All or some of these will be added to the $150 initial room price on your final account.  The costs of these taxes also vary from state to state.  Just something to consider when arranging your travel.

And also remember to leave a tip each day for the room staff (housekeeping) which is usually only two to three dollars.  You may leave this money in a conspicuous place such as a desk or table or on the pillow.

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