Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…….

It is snowing in Georgia and its beautiful.  Once again the normally steamy deep south is shivering in below zero temperatures.  It is so cold in fact, that it has been reported a polar bear at the Chicago Zoo refuses to go outside.  Almost everything is closed or in shut down including some ski resorts.  Flights are cancelled and airports are closed, people are stranded, the Air Force Base is closed, schools are closed and the hospital is closed and only taking emergencies.   And all this is due to another polar vortex which swept America delivering ice storms, sleet then snow to our area along with plunging temperatures of -12.

In spite of the bitter cold and inconvenience to some folk, it has been an amazing experience to witness this event with the end result of this wild weather being beautiful snow drifts and snow scenes.  It all began late yesterday afternoon with an ice storm which was closely followed by sleet.  A gentle flurry followed the sleet then around 9pm last night snow began falling.  We stood outside and watched the tiny flurry turn into bigger and bigger softer snow flakes that quickly began to blanket all around us.  Late into the night we ran about in the snow, built a teeny tiny snow man and had the obligatory snow ball fight much to the amusement of our neighbours who watched us (no doubt with curiosity and bewilderment) from the warmth of their living rooms.  We stayed up until after midnight just watching the snow gently fall.

This morning I woke early to rooftops covered in brilliant soft white snow, streets and yards were white, trees boughs were snow and ice covered and all was blissfully quiet.   As the community slept I went out and walked.  I walked in the snow, I ran in the snow and I played in the snow.   Ice cracked underfoot, I slipped and slid occasionally, I blew puffs of white air,  I watched the geese on the pond and I wondered why there was no one else about on such a glorious day.  It really was beautiful.  After an hour or so I took some time to just marvel at the beauty of the landscape and acknowledge how blessed I am to be here.  I walked home then made a batch of banana bread.  When it was cooked Steve got up then we stood out in the cold air of the white wonderland with steaming mugs of tea.

I hope where ever you are, be it in the summer heat of Australia or somewhere colder, your day has been as joyful as mine xx


‘Before’ – Tuesday 4pm

059            072

Snow beginning to fall just after 9pm



Our teeny tiny snow man 


Around midnight 


‘After’ – Wednesday 7am

102   036


Our barbie





Zoe the snow cat


Gus maybe British however he viewed the snow from the front door.  I do love his expression – it almost says ‘oh do pardon my feline snow friend’.


My lovely red mittens which came in very handy.  Mum knitted these for me a few years ago when I lived in Melbourne.



Checking on our snow man who was still there in the morning although his carrot nose was slightly frostbitten


Our Backyard



A little snow topped bird’s nest


Ready for banana bread and hot tea after a morning in the snow

2 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…….

  1. mum

    How absolutely magical for you :). I can imagine the bemused expressions on your neighbours’ faces, maybe thinking “Bloody mad Australians!” ….. probably rather similar to the look Gus has 🙂 and Zoe is indeed a snow cat. (Obviously takes after you, a total adventurer and explorer).
    It’s been so special being able to read of your joy and wonderment, not to mention playfulness, at experiencing the snowfalls, as well as seeing those beautiful photos. It has me wishing I was there too.
    Keep on enjoying 🙂 xoxo Mum
    ps: Love the teeny, tiny snowman 🙂

    1. Yes, it has been very special and one event I will remember for a long time to come. The snow is starting to melt now…ever so slightly however we are due for more freezing temps tonight so hopefully the snow will hang around just a little longer. The beauty now is in the icicles that are beginning to form from the melting snow xx

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